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+1 vote

So I was on a rant before and my friend told me to "pipe down angry orange", is faketanism a thing LMAO??

in Daily Life by (8,780 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

I'll ask Trump and get back to you.

by (4,300,421 points)

Being falsely accused of being a Clone is one thing but do not EVER compare me to THAT man LMAO!

+2 votes

Fake anything is a thing.  

I find tanning interesting.  Most lilly white people want to be colored.  Any color but white.  So they lay in the sun to look good.  But the sun causes skin cancer and burns white skin.  So the chemical industry comes to the rescue and develops dye for the skin.  Unfortunately, it dyes some people orange.  The people don't seem to mind, any color but white is ok.  But there is this desire to pass off the color as natural.  Just accept that orange is the new you.  Lol.

by (1,621,830 points)

Hahahah Dont worry I embrace it! (To an extent) but its a slightly repeated joke.


To the subject of running jokes, they are all repetitive.

0 votes

After a certain point it starts to look a bit ridiculous.  

by (1,011,760 points)
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