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He's met this girl at his uni. He wanted to hook up with her too but she was more into getting to know him (for relationship i think ) and did not initiate any kind of intimacy. He got pissed and thought she would chase him after he stops replying to her. But she didn't. She also stop texting him.

This made him mad and he made dummy accounts on Instagram to make her jealous (one with his own name and my name in his bio to view her stories on IG and deleted it quickly)

She didn't react and then he fell ill which made her send him texts asking him how he's doing. He was thrilled to see her texts (stopped texting me) and wanted to go out with her again but she didn't ask him and he got mad again. When she did text him, he didn't reply and instead got mad when he saw her roaming around with a guy 

He began texting me and stayed mad at her for a week even though she tried to make things normal. He started talking to her again though he was still mad.

However, he's been texting and sleeping with me and hasn't seen her recently.

So that means he lost his feelings for her right?

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