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Here in the U.S. it is mighty hot, record breaking hot across many states.

It is plenty hot here in SW Ohio in the mid-90’s F with sweltering humidity.

I grew up here without A/C and can honestly say mid to late summer was very uncomfortable. We had screens in our windows that allowed mosquitoes easy entry. 

To top it all off our parents were obsessed about electric bills and didn’t buy a single fan until a decade later!

For those of you without A/C in the UK, you have my heartfelt condolences!

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8 Answers

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Today i saw a dog chasing a cat, and they were both walking!

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Funny thing of it is I haven’t seen a dog or cat for weeks here!

Owner: Wanna go outside!???

Pet: No, I’m fine crapping here in the foyer. Don’t mind if YOU want to, have at it!





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Yeah, you're lucky if you've got AC over here. I worked in an open plan office for 2 years directly under a massive ac unit. It was like sitting in a fridge. Loved it!

At the moment I'm behind a desk fan at home. At my workplace you need a medical reason to warrant using a fan. There are wall fans but not much use.

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+3 votes
Same miserable heat in west central ohio.   Currently inside am air conditioned building.  
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+1 vote

It's the fairly typical hot dry summer temperatures here in drought-stricken California. Not especially hot currently, but wildfires blazing.

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In my part of Virginia they say it’s going to feel like 110F tomorrow  

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It's as hot as hell. It's not as hot as places in America get but for Scotland it's Dante's Inferno..

I know you've told me a million times to stop exaggerating.

However with this heat and the possibility that Liz Truss could be the next Prime Minister I may as well be in hell.

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On the positive side, maybe the heat will kill off the midges.


No they wee buggers just hide but they always keek round the side of the tree.

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We are currently about 10 degrees F above normal.  Where I live, that puts us into the high 80s.  Down in the valley, mid 90s.  Doesn't sound like much but it is what you are used to.  We are used to cooler. Lol

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It’s been around 110 degrees F in Phoenix every day for a couple of weeks. I was without A/C for 5 days but luckily that’s been fixed. (The poor cats looked like roadkill, splayed out on the tile floor trying to keep cool!)  Yep. It’s hot, alright. 

I am so grateful that we lucked out with our London trip last month. One week sooner and we would’ve been in the middle of the Jubilee chaos and one week later would’ve put us in the UK heatwave, which would’ve made sight-seeing a complete disaster. 

Stay hydrated and safe everyone! 

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