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Ok so basically the guy is this

These are somethings he did and said on dates

- said will go to a female friends house after the date and sleep on her sofa but she has a boyfriend

- pointed towards a girl who was wearing a booty shorts and her ass cheeks were showing

- lied about my friend being his friend and when i mentioned my friends name, he quickly said oh no we are not friends but i talk to him sometimes. My friend confirmed he doesn't even know this guy.

- always keeps saying he's been "busy" but never tells me anything of what he's doing. And he's not even busy as he's online every 3 mins on social media. Just sometimes im writing my dissertations or the usual "busy". But keeps asking me things like any news?

- said he likes summer because people are brown (im brown) and he winked at me when he said this

- was not listening to me on much on the 2nd date and was getting irritated but kept checking my legs out

- has the habit of staring at chest, ass, legs of women

- i ve caught him meeting other girls at the bar and he makes no mention of them

- kept bumping into him sideways and then looking at the place where we touched

- never texts or messages on his own. never. but has still kept me in his contacts

- disappears for 2-4 weeks and doesn't care

- looks bitter and annoyed after we didn't kiss on the first date and after the 2nd date, stopped seeing me

- literally smells like tobacco all the time as he's a chain smoker and also drinks a lot

- gets jealous if i talk to other guys and stares at me

What is this guy? Thats why im asking whats the point of keeping my number when hes like this?

in Intimacy by (28,230 points)

3 Answers

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Could be worse.

by (4,336,111 points)
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Another one of your "gosh why does he do what he does when all I do is have sex with him on the first date and then he looks at other girls and what's going on with him" posts.  I see you still don't know how to ask any of these men you have sex with any questions.  

by (968,440 points)
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Why ask us? We don’t know. Ask him. He knows! 

by (2,506,730 points)
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