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We ve been hooking up since late June. We went on 2 dates kissed on 1st and had sex on the 2nd.

We went on a 2 week summer trip too where we had mostly sex and fun on the beaches.

He comes over most nights too

However, on 30 July, it was his guy friends birthday. This man and him have been friends for a few years now. The guy threw a party and invited my friends with benefits but my friends with benefits did not take me.

He went himself and celebrated his friends birthday but did not take me.

He came over 2 nights ago and yesterday as welland we texted late into the night but why did he not take me to his friends birthday? He said he was going and how he's been friends with him for years.

FYI it wasnt a guys night out this time. It was a day event at a casual garden bar which had female friends too

Is this a bad sign? That he isn't thinking of me seriously?

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1 Answer

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Girl, you guys are fucking not dating why would he take you out to a gathering with his close friends? You aren't a girlfriend and even at that this is a situation where he may not even bring a girlfriend if he's looking to have a guys night out for his friend's birthday. Chill, you don't own his all his time or attention.

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This was not a guys night out. There were women too. It was a birthday casual party at a open garden bar and was very relaxed and had women too unlike the previous ones which only had guys


And? Again you are just sleeping together, not in a relationship, he gets to have his own life separate from you and he would even if you were actually dating. Hell I'd love for my husband to go out and socialize without me. Why are you so anxious about the guy (guys???) you see?

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