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He doesnt text her, doesnt see her nor make any attempts to get to know her as he was simply extremely attracted to her looks (shes his type and he felt an extreme sexual attraction) and wanted to sleep with her too but she did not sleep with him and he couldnt get her in bed.

He was angry, bitter that she wouldnt chase him and run after him and has always been passive aggressive with her but she kept civility with him anfld so they still make small talk.

My fwb still has her on his Snapchat and Whatsapp. Its been 10 months already. Hes tried to get her 2 months ago again but because she didnt ask him out, he again got pissed.

For the last 1 month, we ve been hooking up and being together but he still checks her out and tries to make small talk with her. They are in 0 contact otherwise.

My fwb likes women chasing him and he never initiates or does anything until the woman does. So kissing, sex and asking to meet up are all done by girls.

Why is my fwb doing this?

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See all the previous answers from the first time you posted this and all the answers you get when you constantly post things similar to this.

It's all the same.  Either ask the guy why... the obvious choice... or mind your own business.  You don't have any claim to any of these boys.  All you do is go out with them a couple of times, have sex with them, and then complain.  Time to either grow up or move on.

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