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My friend was seeing a girl a few months ago. They went on 2 dates and my friend being the player he is, wanted physical intimacy very quick. The girl didnt give him and was more like wanted to go slow and get to know him. My friend wasnt interested in that since he really has a really strong sexual attraction to her.

When she wouldnt make any sexual advances, he tried to make her jealous, stop replying to her texts in hopes she would chase him. Instead, she completely stopped texting him which bothered him a lot. He tried to make small talk with her but she still wouldnt text. He made dummy accounts and stalked her socials and even made a girls account with his name on the username to peak her jealousy.

Didnt work.

She was talking to him in person though and never seemed bothered by his behaviour. However, she did seem like she cared for him because when my friend fell ill, she did text him and he expected her to ask him out as he wanted to go out with her again.

But he never asked her and neither did she. So he got mad at her again. They still continued to talk in person which my friend forced himself to do so because for some reason he would get mad at her but wouldnt stop talking or remove her contact.

He also saw her with another guy and got incredibly jealous. He told me about it and basically smoked the entire night obsessing over why she didnt tell him that she was going to see that guy ( she only told him she was going grocery shopping).

He later pulled on a stunt of going away for a month on vacation and leaving her wondering where he is but she never texted him. He then went around looking for her on university campus and did see her after a few days and she just waved but didnt say anything. It was my friend who said something to her but she didnt speak herself.

A week later, he saw that she removed him from.Whatsapp as he couldnt see her details anymore.

Hes totally devastated and has been drinking and hooking up even more than before. I tried asking him but he is lashing out just at the mention of this situation.

Whats his issue? He never liked her anyways so whats the drama?

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See all the previous answers from the first time you posted this and all the answers you get when you constantly post things similar to this.

's all the same.  Either ask the guy why... the obvious choice... or mind your own business.  You don't have any claim to any of these boys.  All you do is go out with them a couple of times, have sex with them, and then complain.  Time to either grow up or move on.

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