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I met this guy on Hinge at the end of June and we hit it off pretty well. I stayed in contact the whole of July as I had left for the month to be with family. Everything during the time a part was great, we messaged and called one another every day, and we comforted each other when things would get rough. We had expressed our feelings and intentions with one another mid July. We had talked about our relationship romantically and sexually. 

I returned from the short break and the end of July and we had basically been inseparable since. We hadn't given our relationship a title yet and it made me feel weird but I didn't comment on it because I trusted him. Lately things have been weird, we barely talk and every time I see him, we just have sex and cuddle, but nothing more. 

He barely tells me about his day etc and when he isn't okay, and as much as I know that I shouldn't pry, I feel like he's purposely leaving me out of his life and I'm scared that I might lose him. I don't know if I should talk to him about it or if I'm just being paranoid and over thinking things. 

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Talk to him about it.  The worst that can happen is that he will tell you that you are just being fucked, but you already know that.

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You're not being paranoid, your feelings and experiences of what you're going through are valid. Talk to him. But also, in the grand scheme of everything, you two have barely spent any time together yet, it's only really been like a month of in person time, if even. You spent a month apart keeping in touch, which is nice, but maybe got ahead of yourselves on whether turning it into a real relationship is what you want. Maybe he's slowing things down a bit because he doesn't want to rush emotionally, or he's already decided he doesn't see this as anything serious. You won't know until you talk to him though and see what he wants, then see if it matches with what you want.

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Trust your gut! For some reason he is acting uncomfortable and evasive. Evidently you won’t know the reason unless you ask. Even then he may not be truthful or forthcoming. You probably can tell a lot by his answer.

He may have a good reason for being evasive but I doubt it if he is avoiding most spontaneous communication.

You might as well broach the subject yourself without being accusatory. Prepare yourself for any answer!

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