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My car key fob broke, the open button fell right out so I could lock but not open. So I looked into a new one via dealership and locksmith, jeezo I didn't fancy having to take out a loan to buy from them. So...I ordered one from amazon !!!

Well it arrived without instructions but how hard can it be right?

Well I should inform you that I have very arthritic hands which affects my dexterity but I gallantly soldiered on and after about and hour and some very sweary words, and remember, there isnt a sweary word I wont use, I put it all together. Yeah me.

It didn't work! Couldn't open or close, I was crestfallen.

Then I did what I should have done at the start, I watched a you tube video. It was a lovely song it was a video on changing fobs.

Apparently I put it in the ignition with the door open for 30 secs, then with the door closed for another 30. Simples!!!! 

It's after 10pm now so I'll try it in the morning.  Or I'll just pay a dealer and accept the fail.

Thanks, its good to share, lol

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I know right. These ________________, ( fill in your own swear words) know they have you over a barrel! Sorry for the graphic for the sensitive folks. But it is true! That is why they charge an insane amount for the fobs. Because they can! 

PS: You tube has videos on everything from nearly cleaning your belly button to changing the microwave light! I know because I am basically an idiot on repairing anything!

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