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Would you ever kiss someone or let someone kiss you on the lips if you are not physically attracted to that person?
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3 Answers

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I believe I answered a similar question like this before here. 

I would need a definite connection, a physical desire or otherwise, to be kissed or to kiss someone romantically. 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I agree. A friend of mine said he went on 2 different dates and had some odd outcomes.

He went on 2 separate dates with a girl.  He said they talked on the phone for 5 hours and hit it off.  He went on the first date and ended up making out in a parking lot before she let.  They went on a second date and then he walked her to her car and then started making out at the end.  He told me that he gets a text from her saying she was not that attracted to him and she felt he was a bit aloof. 

He then went on another date with a different girl.  He said after dinner he asked if she wanted to chill in his car and talk and she said sure.  He then said about 30 minutes into talking he made a move and he grabbed and kissed her hand and then she said it was getting warm.  He then leaned in and they ended up making out for about 45 minutes until she left.  He then gets a text from her saying she was not that into him.

I do not know how to explain what happened.  Can you shed some light here?


I'm thinking these girls went with the flow and followed his lead. Or they wanted to see if maybe there was a spark. Some people find it hard to be open and direct when face to face so they do things they really don't want to do or say. No doubt it was much easier for these girls to be truthful while hiding behind a phone text the next day. Also, if alcohol is/was involved people feel more vulnerable to oblige, or in his case he took the chance by just going in for the kiss.  Sadly, some people just play games leading people on too. Then there's others who find pure pleasure when it come to the act (intimacy) of kissing. The chemical reaction caused from kissing is an amazing pleasure causing some not to care if their attracted to that person or not. People are complex therefore it's impossible to give one answer to this question. Sometimes a fantasy is all you need! Lol.


There was no alcohol involved he said.  But also why would one date of his come out for a second date knowing they both made out on the first one and why would the other date make out for 45 minutes?

I don't think I have ever known anyone who would kiss consciencely come out for a second date after making out on the first or make out for 45 minutes without alcohol being involved.

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Kissing is kind of fun.  It is erotic and arousing and generally feels good.  So why not?  Even if you don't care about them why should you not enjoy yourself.  So I would do it.

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You would get "erotic" with someone you were not physically attracted to?  Usually its with someone who you are attracted to.


Maybe for you.  But what I am attracted to is sex.  

So you would just have sex with anyone who is interested?

Yes.  And I do mean anyone. 


Interesting lol.


It would be more interesting if there were more volunteers. Lol.

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That’s kind of odd to me. I need a connection, an extreme attraction something that gets me there. I think of kissing as an intimate act for me so no I don’t pucker up with just any fool! Lol!

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,070,050 points)

Agreed.  Usually there needs to be a physical attraction or something about that person turns you on to a high degree to even get there.  For women these days it's not like the old times where you had to marry for financial stability or because someone's parents told you to.  A woman can choose that partner on how she wants that partners to be for her. 

I asked my friend if he said anything or did anything after that turned them off.  Like it went well and they let you kiss/make out with them and then maybe you said something on text or in person after that changed their minds.  Possibly they met someone else they had a stronger connection with and instead of just saying nice words they were going to be mean and just let you go so you never contact them again. 

I understand if they never let you hold their hand or kiss them in any way from the start and from that you can gauge there is really no interest. 

Some who are really attracted to you will even wait to kiss you since they may be conservative about it and do not want to come off easy until they get to know you better.  I had this one girl a long time ago say she was attracted to me, took me to her favorite hang out spot that she went only with her girlfriends (she said I was the first and only guy she ever took there), she would sit closely next to me, grabbed and held my hand when we walked out.  However, each time I went in for a kiss she would avoid it.  She had 2 kids, was divorced and only been with 1-2 people her entire life. So I had to understand her perspective.  

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