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He won the grade 1 Del Mar Futurity by 5 1/4 lengths in a stakes record time 1:20 . 99 for seven furlongs!

I like everything about him except his trainer.

Runhappy Del Mar Futurity Video.

Give me your thoughts and opinions.

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3 Answers

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Great choice Blue Jay, except for the trainer, I agree! However, last I knew,  Baffert is/was suspended for both the 2022 and 2023 runnings of the Kentucky Derby race. I'll look into that further. 
I, actually have my eye on many, but I'll just elaborate by picking one out of many for now, and that would be Damon's Mound. He came in 1st in this year's Saratoga Special, a Grade 2, and he'll be in this coming week's Iroquois Grade 2 on Sept 17, and a possible for the BC Juvenile Grade 1.  I like his jockey too, Gabriel Saez, who is related to Luis Saez. I believe they are second cousins. It's very early yet, as you know, lol.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I had my eye on Damon`s Mound also SandyGirl! I will be hosting the Iroquois this week if it has 8 entries or more!


Thank you, Blue Jay! : )

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I'm going to wait until after the race before I pick one. 



You can't be wrong when you get it right, Belle. Lol.

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I'm liking JACE'S ROAD (Qualty Road) who is also a probable in the Iroquois G2 this coming Saturday. I like that he's working out at Keeneland too.

Nice choice Blue Jay & SandyGirl.

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Awesome horse Sam! competitive:)


Thanks, Buddy. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

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