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Mine was, a scorpion was running around my house, it then jumped on my dog ( not my current dog by the way) and I was screaming at my husband to do something. 

So my husband hit this scorpion off the dog and a great big toad had it in its mouth. This toad was the size of an average German Shepherd and my husband was saying it's dead but I could see it moving..

Then I woke and went to the loo.

WTF was that all about.

Oh and by the way, Scorpions are not native to Scotland so it must have been a pet!!!! 

In real life, pet or not, I'd set off a nuclear bomb if I found one in my  house 

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7 Answers

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I do have a recurring dream that I can fly unaided.

Life is what you make it.

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That's a fun one, though!


lol Right. I looked up the meaning. It's supposed to indicate freedom in my life.

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Lots of weird ass dreams.

I forget why they were weird soon after I wake up.   

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I was driving with a couple of hot bikini clad girls in a brand new silver convertible sports car like a mad man through some kind of highway construction project.  Last I remember, I'd jumped some kind of gap and then failed to make a corner and crashed/slid into a large retaining wall.  I and my passengers came out fine but the car was a mess.  

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I dreamed that I was having sex.  Although I knew at the time it was only a dream.  A dream within a dream. Lol

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My dreams lately take up where the news leaves off.

Recently I was on a mission trip and all these migrants showed up tired and hungry. I was in a panic trying to scrounge up some food for hundreds of people. Jesus wasn’t there to divide the paltry basket of fish and bread to feed the multitude. There seemed to be an endless line. In my dream running to and fro, I hit my hand on the headboard which woke me up abruptly!

I too went to the loo!

The Leftists have left us!

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This is the *weirdest* coincidence I have ever experienced!

We have started finding scorpions at my job. LOTS of them. The building next to my office was recently demolished & all the construction is stirring them up. I've been there 2 years & we never had one until recently. I'm *SO* phobic of them, I've been having nightmares about them. Every time something brushes me, I jump, thinking one is crawling on me. The idea that you're having similar nightmares is just too strange! (Although mine don't include giant toads or dogs or husbands.)

I HATE scorpions - I mean I irrationally, obsessively HATE them. I'd rather find a whole nest of rattlesnakes than one scorpion. 

I have never had one in my house & I swear if I ever do, I'm torching the place & moving to Antarctica. 

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Weird dreams I get plenty of, I'm not sure when or what my last normal dream was... Most recently I dreamt I was hanging on the edge of a pyramid trying to barter with the new pharaoh for something by offering to bear a new heir. I'm blaming the news and Legos' new pyramid set for that one.
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