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in Just For Fun by (3,144,740 points)

8 Answers

+3 votes

Not much. A pen, paper pad, car manual, and a leather slim wallet containing my vehicle registration and proof of insurance and a Covid mask. Lol. 

Masks are still required here in doctors offices and hospitals.

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+2 votes

In my glove box I carry a small flashlight, napkins/tissues, vehicle manual, vehicle wallet with registration, insurance. Vehicle inspection papers. Razor type tool to scrape off window vehicle stickers when applicable. Multi-use tool, small garbage bags, gloves (as a rider I always have riding gloves). Wet wipes, Dramamine (motion sickness pills, chewable) sunglasses in a case, and hard candy. Disposable masks. I think that's it, lol.

by (380,000 points)
+4 votes

I don't have one. But if I did. Cake.

by (4,300,421 points)

Ah yes, cake! LOL! Blue Jay will be up with your cake soon. Ha!

Hard candy is my go to sweet, that's in my compartment, lol. It's tough to get the wrapper off sometimes though due to the heat that radiates in the vehicles. Lol!


Here`s your cake Blue!


Ah. Thank you so much Blue Jay and Sandy.


Way to come through, Blue Jay, lol! 

You're welcome, Blue!

: )

+4 votes

Wrist band keys for our timeshare units. Car manuals.  Registration and insurance documents.  Handicapped placard.  Tissues and wet wipes. Flashlight. Directions to my son's house (and back) in Virginia, taking advantage of a bunch of short cuts.  A note that says, "What are you doing, rummaging through our glove box, Belle????"

by (933,340 points)
+2 votes

My car registration, proof of insurance,  my car's manual & some coupons for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

by (2,506,670 points)
+2 votes

A salty clam and a half-eaten taco. lol

by (21,180 points)
+2 votes

Car registration, insurance, wheel lock key, and sanitizer. Sometimes, car spray. Nothing serious in there. 

by (1,234,560 points)

Yes! I forgot about the wheel lock key. I have that too in mine, lol.


It does come in handy. 

+1 vote

Vehicle registrations, insurance cards, and service records probably going back the last 6 years.  One plastic straw.  A tire pressure gauge. 

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