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+3 votes

1. Chancellor likes to gamble.

2. The pound is not feeling good.

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3 Answers

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Go for the pound cake, I would advise.

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The pound is in the toilet...for now.

I'll bet my house when Scotland go to the polls re independence they will say we can't benefit by keeping the pound!!! Who wants it, its in the toilet. 

Its like how the oil had ran out in '14 but suddenly its abundant and its only the tories that can drill for it to save us all. .

Same shit different day 

by (3,144,790 points)
+1 vote

Sadly many, most politicians haven’t a clue about economics and it shows!

In the US most politicians are very educated, solely in law. Supply and Demand the two levers of Economics are foreign to them. 

Social programs, Environment, fairness and so called equity is the seeming main goal. These are all noble beliefs, but you can’t run a home, school ,industry or country on social programs alone.

The opposite is also true, those that only focus on $$$ MONEY, do not nurture their children, employees or citizens.

Perspective and Proportion is important to help hold the whole thing together.

Social changes need to be made conservatively, and analyzed for appropriateness. Throwing the baby out with the bath water is done not by leaders but inexperienced fools!

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