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Yes, I have a secret treasure chest of things that were made for me, given to me, or made by me.

My deceased cousin took woodwork at school, and he made me a necklace, with my initial on it, carved in RED, out of wood.

Also, my granny worked for very rich people, and their daughters would always send me jewelry, stationary, or anything that they no longer wanted.

Pictures, post cards,  45 records, 33 1/2 albums, designs on pieces of paper, and letters from friends who were overseas in the service,  even stick pens.

Hey that reminds me, one lady was in the senate, and she gave me a broach that was red, white, blue, and in the design of the USA flag.

Going to wear it on election day perhaps.

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No - I used to but in time i stopped

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Yes. I have a big bin of mementos from school and every trip I go on I make up a gallon plastic bag and label it with the date and location(s) and stick mementos in it. I did one for my son's birth as well.

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Very few trash and trinkets, my question is why save them.  I have a small box in it are my Boy Scout Awards, stripes and Officers insignia, a few pictures and a few other items. The box is a Cigar Box. 

I live light,and pack lighter. 

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Yes.  I have a memories box full of souvenirs from important things that have happened to me. 

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Cute salt and pepper shakers 

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I used to in youthful years.  I still have my ticket stub from a Rolling Stones concert in 1965, cost me a whopping $4.50 to get in, lol

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