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+2 votes

Jeezo in 2014 they promised Scotland strong and stable leadership to remain in the Union 

That's 4 PM's ago. Incidentally our FM has seen out the 4 of them and will the next one too.

It's too serious for popcorn 

in Politics by (3,170,110 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes

Fastest I've seen politics move.

by (4,336,111 points)

I couldn't believe it to be honest, I was channel switching then saw it on FB 


It is pretty remarkable.

+1 vote

I just saw that! Wow, talk about an October surprise!

So what happens now an automatic Tory replacement or an election of sorts?

Big surprise eh, people don’t want to starve or freeze this winter?

by (1,048,190 points)

It's an election of sorts, the Tory mp's will choose a new leader, its not going to the members this time apparently. Boris is said to be coming back 

The UK is as badd as my spelling but unlike them I could sort it. 

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