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A multi millionaire, just what we need. Someone who probably doesn't know how much a pint of milk is.

He will really rally the working class. 

What an absolute shit show.

The UK has gone to the dogs.

in Politics by (3,170,580 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes

I'm voting for none of the above. Wonder how long Sunak will last. The thing is a joke.

by (4,338,671 points)
+2 votes

The problem with most “politicians” is they often make grandiose claims but give little information as to how they are going to accomplish these feats.

by (1,049,970 points)

Then do a u-turn.


Wherever I turn it’s the same thing.

Democrats now claiming they are moderate! Lol!


So is Sunak a sure thing now???


Commentators have been saying he's the next PM for some time.


Will he figure out a way to help their financial woes?


Reducing disability benefits and cuts to the public sector. Funny how the public sector are going to pay for problems that are national and global.


Reducing disability benefits seems a bit harsh! Surely there is government waste elsewhere to trim if need be.

San Francisco is spending 1.7 million dollars on one toilet for example!


Local government is renowned for wasting money. Perhaps they could cut down on pointless meetings.

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