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Do you have access to wood (logs) in the event of that happening?

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6 Answers

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We have two natural gas fireplaces.  If the power goes out, we're still OK. If gas service goes out, we have a gasoline-powered generator.

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Wood stove.  We normally heat the house in the evening with it.  And yes.  My house sit on 10 acres of forested land.  I have wood to burn, so to speak.

But it takes gas to run the chainsaw and wood splitter.  If I run out of gas, it will be ugly.  

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We do not have a fireplace but it typically doesn't get overly cold here  and the house is well insulated so we could just pile on the layers. As far as using fire for cooking, we have a wood pile still from when we cleared the lot to build our house a few years ago and we only cleared the front quarter of the property so we still have a fair number of trees out back. My husband prefers to use an ax and do the clearing by hand so we don't have to worry about a lack of gas to run tools. We also have a tripod with a rack that hangs down which we use as grill.

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Yes to both. I have a very large wall size wood buring stone fireplace. I have three other gas insert fireplaces, as well. I thought about turning the wood burning fireplace into gas many times. However, my 'just in case' state of mind always changes my mind back to keeping it wood burning. 

I have a house (gas) generator as well that will take over safety. Same for my stables.

My gas & wood fireplaces will continue to work safely during a power outage. These fireplaces do not require electricity for venting and can be used safely during a power outage.

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I have a fireplace but it's electric. To be honest i never have it on anyway. I have gas central heating, the problem there is, the boiler is electric so I'm stuffed if the grid fails 

I do have a lovely fluffy blanket though..


And animals for extra warmth!

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Yes ! 

I designed and built my current house with that in mind and a benefit of working in construction (building my own house for one) is having access to lots of scrap wood to burn in my nice big wood-burning fireplace...

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