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Evidently you need help doing your homework and getting a gf!

1) Attend classes, take notes or if permitted record the classes! Read all class materials, take photo of any diagrams your teacher writes on a chalkboard!

2) Study you *ss off like we did when we were in school!

3) The day and night before an announced test cram! Cram as much notes into your brain as you can!

4) Take test and afterwards circle questions you missed and look up correct answers!

5) Sit at front of the class unless seats are assigned You will absorb more of your education and be visible to more girls.

6) Excell at your classes! Girls like smart boys!

7) Be ambitious! Get involved in after school activities. Talk to your fellow students! Introduce yourself to guys and girls alike. Be friends first.

8) Don’t ask others to do your homework! What if they give you the wrong answer!

9) If all else fails and you can’t find the answer in your materials… Google it!

Answerology Reloaded typically is not a “homework site”

Do your own work and don’t expect others to.

The Leftists have left us!

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After reading more of your comments, you may be suffering from depression and or a learning disability or both.

A doctor can prescribe an antidepressant if needed. Which could help a lot.

A school counselor should be contacted by your parents to see if you could be checked out for a learning disability. A learning disability doesn’t indicate low intelligence.

A tutor can help if your parents are willing to get you one!

Good Luck!


I had a learning disability. I too struggled in school, a lot.

I tried college and finally found a counselor who helped me with mine. I excelled and got on the Dean’s List with a 3.4 GPA.

Don’t give up and Don’t Use Drugs!

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We all need help.

First question is why you need to find a girl friend.  Trust me on this.  A 16 year old girl is not to make you feel less lonely.  A creature obsessed with her hair, nails, and phone, interested in you as a disposable accessory in her life will do nothing for your life.

It is not up to other people to make you happy.  You get to make your life interesting  and fulfilling.  That is what you need to do.  Go get involved in activities that make you happy.  Be happy.  Be interesting to other people.  Be someone that they want to be friends with.   If yiu do this the ditzy 16 year old girls will fall all over themselves to be your friend.  Although I still don't understand why you want this.  

Girlfriends happen, or not.  If you are fun, interesting, and happy, it will be of little importance whether it happens but that is the secret.  Guys are desirable to women if the guys don't need or want them.  

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well i been lonely all my life and beeen stuck in rock bottom too so i would like a gf to help me get out of rock bottom


And what is in it for her?  You want a mother that you can screw.  What you want is to be happy and well adjusted.  This sounds like a self help project to me.  Not something that you want to burden some poor girl with, who has lots of problems of her own. 


i need pointers on getting one to want me


I was in his “spot” once.

My teachers weren’t helpful just full of disdain.

My mother said “I wasn’t applying myself “  I actually was trying!

I had no one to confide in. I became situationally depressed., which didn’t help my grades either!

Often teachers and professors are too busy to coach, assist or advise problem students. Even when I raised my hand for help my. Math teacher ridiculed me!

Sometimes a gf sounds to a 16y/o as a ally that’s all.

A sad situation would you not agree?


wll at school no girl seems to be interest in my 10th grader self


Make guy friends first! Girls aren’t usually attracted to loners.

Be friendly and talk to girls you knew well from earlier grades.

Girls don’t want it to let it be known they like a guy, in case he is not interested!

Be friendly with all students and teachers!

If you are introverted ( not naturally outgoing) this may be more difficult for you.

Are you good at any sports? If so try out for a sports team football, basketball or track, swimming, tennis.

Are you talented at music join choir or band.

Group activities are a great way to make friends to start with!


well im funny,smart,and have those movie star looks and no girl has recognized e yet


Well, that definitely a start!

Make sure you aren’t a class clown. Girls don’t usually take them seriously.

Perhaps other guys are asking these girls out before you? Are you shy?

Show interest in the girl of your choice, then you can tell if she is interested in you. 


Just go up to a random girl and ask her if she'd like a boyfriend.


Make yourself interesting!

What interests you?

Movies, musical groups, chess,sports?

1) Join school clubs

2) Go to after school activities 

3) Don’t hide away in your house, room.

4) Invite other guys over to watch NFL on tv! You may be invited to their home and meet their sisters! If their parents like you they will be ok with you being their daughter’s boyfriend. Otherwise the parents may be reluctant if they don’t know you!

5) Also, always be respectful. Don’t make fun of any students! Girls will think you’re a jerk!  If a handicapped student drops their books or trips be the first to help. Girls like that!

6) Do you go to church, synagogue or mosque? Join a youth group!

In other words join the action!


16 year old girls will be of no help to you.  They all.have more problems than you do.  Low self esteem.  You really do need to work on yourself.  There must be something that you like to do.  Don't be discouraged that the local.jocks get all of the girls.  It says more about the girls.  They will attach themselves to the famous.  Through most of their lives.  It is a sad fact of life but don't worry about them.  

You want to find out how you can enjoy yourself alone.  You don't need them.  Hobbies?.  Sports?  Studies?  Although 16 year old girls have no interest in smart guys, unless they are nerds themselves.  There has to be something that you can or want to do.

Then you are ready for girls but I don't know why you want to.  The secret with women/girls is o talk to them.  You have to approach them and talk to them. Ask what they like to do, what they want.  Mostly you will get vapid answers, but you have to start somewhere.  And then listen.

Girls find out early in life that no one listens to them.  Especially guys.  If you learn to listen, you will be immensely popular.   But it is a long term project this self improvement.


Ding ding din! Good answer about listening!


1) Crack some jokes

2) Comment on her choice of clothing

3) Tell her she's over-doing the make-up

4) Stalking is always an option

5) Have beer, sports and fast cars in-mind to keep the conversation going

6) Don't let relationships get in the way of cheating

7) Strip joints attract women also

8) Keep a spreadsheet of phone numbers you've collected off the street

9) You can lie quite a lot on dating websites and get away with it

10) Be creative


im 16 1/2 and my folks wont let me do that like hang out with friends or watch tv during the weeks


Oh wow. Your folks are strict like mine were!

No wonder you are lonely! And pretty apt to stay that way until you are of age to move out. Sounds like your parents wouldn’t allow you to date even if you had a gf!

Do you have a drivers license?

How are your grades overall?


my folks wont let me get my premit but grades are a or ab all around


Sorry to hear that!

Helicopter parents are no fun.

Sounds like you are going to be on “house arrest” like I was throughout high school.

GF’s are pretty much unlikely as no one ever sees you.

Keep your grades up and hopefully things will be different in college!


my folks wont sent me to college neither


Well, maybe you can get a good job after high school?


they wont let me get my id either


Do they give you reasons for no learners permit or even an ID?

Do they tell you why you cannot hang out with friends?


yes they said i wont know what im doing and i cant hang out with friends because i haev to come striaght home after school


Why do they think you won’t know what your doing?

Have you disappointed them in the past ? Have you shown them poor judgement making choices?



Do you have any brothers or sisters?

How old are your parents?


yes my parents are 48/46


Are your parents as strict with your siblings as they are you?


just with me and my brother


i need help getting a gf


Reading this exchange.  You have little to no hope until your warden springs you from prison.  When you are 18, you get to move out.  My suggestion is to do it.  The parents are not going to pay for you to go to college, so you might as well study and try for some financial assistance to some school.  Maybe a local community college.  Someplace with women.  Then your movie star looks should get some attention from the women..  

until then, you are probably out of luck.


well i'm still looking but no girl at my school likes me do u think you can find one that would like me.



They don’t notice you because…. You aren’t  on the scene, where other kids your age hang out.


How old is your brother?


Could I find one who likes you.  No.  I actually tried that for a friend of mine.  Neither of us got the girl.  I hate that expression, but she found the whole thing annoying as well she should have.  

But you can find a girlfriend.  You just need to talk to them.  In class.  After class, everywhere.  Eat lunch together.  If you can invite them for a coke.  A walk in the park.  Anything that you can afford.  The worst that can happen is that they say NO.  Being rejected isn't fatal.  The ball is in your court. 

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