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Or does any organisation?

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Yes, there's a ton of them and they don't all agree.  Here's a link to a good site that compares and analysis them in aggregate: 

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In the US exit polls have been conducted for the NEP (National Election Pool) by Edison Media Research since 2004. These exit polls are normally conducted for media organizations by interviewing random voters either immediately upon exiting the polling stations, or before voters have voted. In that case it's called an entrance poll. Pollsters are usually private companies working for newspapers or  broadcasters in order to gain an early indication on how an election may go or turn out which could take months. The NEP usually consists of ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and NBC, and possibly others.

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Yeah thanks, its the same here,  I just wondered with the mid terms under way 

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Yes they do!

Some media are holding their own “town halls” where they invite candidates to speak separately! 

Before the candidates take the stage the moderators usually take an informal poll asking if  the audience feels like they’re worse off than they were 2 years ago. The live audience raises their hands if they agree.  Then usually the moderators ask a follow up question as the what factor most influences how they vote, Crime, inflation, abortion or democracy.

Everyone is trying to read the tea leaves!

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