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You should be means tested before receiving state pension which they call a benefit.

No its not, it's what you've worked for all your life, it's your money.

Of course Labour drained the "pension pot" so now we're relying on our young to pay tax to cover our pension.

Better together my arse.

Wee bit of Scots politics here.

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2 Answers

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What really. I thought you recieved state pension because you paid in N.I for more than I thinkm it is either 10 or 25 years. I'm not sure but know its based on National insurance contributions. 

Where did you get the information? 

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It's 30 years contributed. There is a couple of sources I saw in first on Yahoo news

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We face a similar threat to Social Security here in the States.  Reagan began a long running draining of SS funding that Republicans have perpetuated, now Republicans want to sunset Social Security and Medicare. 

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