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I hear the mid-terms are coming soon.

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It's really interesting, they only accept results if they win. I'm guessing there are other facists that use the same system.

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If you're a Republican facts don't matter at all, they just get in the way.  Yep, our "mid-terms" are underway and conclude on Tuesday.  Lots and lots of crazies on the ballot.   

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Yes, Tuesday the polls open for mid-term voting!

Here’s the facts:

Inflation is up! Food and rent are major factors!

Crime is up!

Loan rates up!

Gas prices still up over last year!

House sales are down!

Supply issues are still apparent. New cars are on a 8 month waiting list!

Americans vote on pocketbook issues. James Carville-D once said “It’s the economy, stupid!”

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We are experiencing world-wide inflation and world-wide supply chain issues and world-wide financial turmoil.  To think that Joe Biden and/or "the Democrats" caused this might be giving them WAY too much credit for how much influence they have on the WORLD.  They can't even get a bill through the Senate without three months' worth of pleading and wheedling with two of their own senators.  To say "they" caused all this is quite a reach.

Gas prices go up and down, up and down.  During the pandemic, when practically NO one was driving, the price went WAY down.  Supply and demand drove the price down.  AFTER the pandemic, people went nuts with "we gotta get outta here" thinking, and the demand increased.  Russia's war with Ukraine meant the gasoline prices were going up, and Americans said "we're in if it helps Ukraine."  Then the prices went back down, so the Saudis and Russia said, "OK, we're cutting the petroleum supply by TWO MILLION BARRELS EVERY DAY.  But we're not doing it to raise gas prices in America so that the Republicans can use higher gas prices as a political talking point."

In September of this year, a new study was released and reported in Atlantic magazine that points out that "homicides over recent years increased less rapidly in cities with progressive prosecutors than in those with more traditional prosecuting attorneys."  So it's tough to blame those "progressive Democrats" for increased crime.  

Why do I say all this?  Because it seems to me that NONE of this is REALLY on the ballot.  Well, it IS because Republicans are shouting every single one of those talking points from the rooftops for the past six months. 

What IS on the ballot is this:  About 60% of Republican candidates are election deniers, and about half of those staunchly claim that the 2020 election was fraudulently decided--this despite absolutely NO evidence that this is true.  In fact, it is claimed in the face of evidence that soundly refutes such claims: 60 losses in court.  Not one example of election fraud that would have influence the outcome in any state.  Etc.

What else is on the ballot?  Republicans, should they take over the Senate and the House, have vowed to rescind the recent legislation passed by the Democratic-held House and Senate:  Medicare's right to bargain for lower prescription rates, for one thing.  They already kept the Senate from capping the cost of insulin to a maximum of $35 per month.  

Lindsey Graham has said he will introduce a federal bill banning abortion after the fifteenth week.  Many Republican-controlled states have already banned abortions in every case, including rape, incest, and the health of the mother.  They have created a system in which a 10-year old girl, raped by a relative, had to go to a different state for an abortion while those in her home state were ready to prosecute her, her doctor, and those who assisted her.  Women who have tubal pregnancies (which are NOT viable pregnancies) cannot get a D&C procedure until "the fetus dies," in which case the health of the mother is seriously endangered.  Doctors won't do it because they don't want to be arrested for performing "an abortion.  In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz says a woman's health decisions should be made between "her, her doctor, and local politicians."  

These are MORE of the facts that should be added to your list.


Media tubal pregnancies are an emergency from rupturing, can be life threatening. The remedy is not a D&C which takes place in a woman’s womb.

The ectopic pregnancy is a serious life threatening condition. Doctors are tasked with doing no harm. Subsequently, the procedure is Not an abortion as the fetus can not survive full term in the fallopian tube. The remedy is removal of the fallopian tube and unviable fetus.

Every poll shows inflation is number 1 on the ballot. Crime #2. Abortion comes in at a distance 3rd-5th. Suburban women are voting based on their household expenses.

Biden shut down the pipeline. Biden emptied much of our reserves to counteract his blunder with the Saudi’s in a last ditch effort to lower gas prices  They came down, but we have little diesel fuel left in our reserves. Now the prices are climbing again. We were energy independent 2 years ago. Now we beg Venezuela for alms! Biden claimed this last we to close all the coal mines across the US. He followed up a day later saying “No more drilling (oil)” Meanwhile he is pushing electric cars! The last evacuation of Florida for a hurricane would have come to a screeching halt had the cars had been electric. There aren’t that many charging stations and the grid can’t handle that big of a demand. Biden called out the Saudi Prince. Hence the cut in oil production.

Every one of our enemies are acting aggressively. Russia, N Korea, China etc. They were place in check by Trump. So much for Trump starting a nuclear war.

Regardless on how much the Democrats yell about Jan 6th. It isn’t reflected in the polls. Neither is the Hunter Biden scandal they managed to keep out of the press in 2020.

I have no crystal ball as to how the election will turn out. Democracy isn’t on the ballot, it is the ballot.

If people feel unsafe, all politicians need to be solution oriented and not be tone deaf. People attacked,raped in the subway isn’t safety.

As far as election deniers, Hillary Clinton, and Stacy Abrams come to mind.

The party in power always takes a hit at midterms. The exception was George Bush due to 9-11.

Perception is reality! And people vote on their perceptions!

Common sense has gone out the window in lieu of permissive ideology. No real experience just grandiose ideology!

Oh, and about insulin? Just received a notification from Medicare that insulin is capped at $35 a month.

If Democrats didn’t pack their bills with billions of dollars of pork, they might have an easier time passing them.


ectopic pregnancies: statnews <dot com> /2022/07/05/a-scary-time-fear-of-prosecution-forces-doctors-to-choose-between-protecting-themselves-or-their-patients/

gas prices: check the Washington Post with search term "opec-plus-oil-cut-russia-saud.

inflation: Check the New York Times with search term :inflation-prices-ukraine-economy 

Hillary Clinton did not deny the election results.  She conceded.  She did not urge her followers to march on Washington.  She won the popular vote by approximately 3 million votes, so she felt as if she SHOULD have won, but she recognized the loss in the Electoral College and conceded. Trump lost to Biden by the EXACT SAME MARGIN in the Electoral College (which he termed a "landslide" victory) and refused to accept it.  Instead, he urged his followers to march on the Capitol to interfere with the Constitution process of the counting of the votes, already certified by all 50 of the states.  NO comparison between his unhinged actions and Clinton's.

Abrams did not concede but did not claim voter fraud.  She claimed that her opponent, who was then the Secretary of State, instituted policies that reduced voter turnout in Democratic strongholds, etc.--she was right--but in no case did she take any actions to try to overturn the results of the election.  

What you are claiming is, quite simply, a false equivalency.

If perceptions were actually reality, we wouldn't have the terms.  Perception is perception.  Reality is often far different from perception.  For example, the reality is that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.  Fact.  Reality.  The PERCEPTION of over 45% of Republicans at this point in history is that they think the false claims of fraud must be true, but that doesn't change the reality that they are NOT true.

Insulin price cap:  https://www.washingtonpost < dot com > /health/2022/08/08/insulin-price-cap-diabetes-senate-republicans/

Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act over the obstruction of the Republicans, and THAT is why the price of insulin.  Republicans will make every effort to overturn the Inflation Reduction Act as soon as they can.  AND... since they already tried (but failed) to stop the cap... they'll do it this time.

Will the Republicans turn the House and the Senate?  Most probably, yes, they will.  Will they institute reactionary and draconic bills to counter any progress of the last four years?  Undoubtedly.  Will they introduce national abortion bans?  You can take that bet to the bank.

I'm not arguing with YOU, Lady.  I'm just saying this is the way *I* see it.  You see it YOUR way.  I see it mine.  ::shrug:: It doesn't mean we aren't still friends.  It simply means we have some strong disagreement when it comes to our political beliefs and "perceptions" of reality.

NOTE: too many links meant I had to explain the search terms instead of providing the direct links.


Lady, WTF? Hillary Clinton conceded the election the next morning! Stacey Abrams demanded a recount & got one. She conceded after the recount showed she lost. It’s been two years & Trump still insists he won.  

I was in the UK last June & inflation there is as bad as here. Is that Biden’s fault too? 

Insulin is capped at $35 now. If the GOP wins it all, they’re going to repeal that. 

In addition I’d like to know what the GOP plan is for fixing all those problems you mentioned. Guess what? They don’t have one. Their entire agenda consists of petty spiteful revenge against Biden for winning in 2020. They want to Impeach Biden Investigate his son. Jail Dr Fauci.  They voted AGAINST increasing funds for the police. They voted AGAINST lowering gas prices. They voted AGAINST $35 insulin. The party has NO solutions for anything. 



The reason the conservatives vote down D bills is because Shumer et Al pack these bills with pork. Yes, every side has there own priorities.

Joe Biden has thought of every conceivable way to legally buy votes! Sending checks upon checks during the pandemic. Oh, but they needed help is the liberal cry! And they did! But the Democrats have lost billions of dollars of pandemic funding and have no freaking clue where it all is! That’s taxpayers money! Guess what checks went out to prison inmates like the Boston Bomber! Next he was going to pay tens of thousands of dollars to college students for their loans! But, they need it is the liberal cry! And they do! But, they didn’t have a plan in place to assure tax payers that the students couldn’t just spend the money on expensive vacations or eating out! Again taxpayer’s money! So far a judge has overruled that!

Stacy Abrams is a total joke. Claiming Republicans want to disenfranchise black folks at the ballot box! Guess what? Record turnout this year across all demographics!

Hillary’s book moans on and on about the election being stolen from her along with 99 other problems and money wasn’t one of them! She didn’t even campaign #1.

I don’t believe the 2020 election was rigged unless I see proof! I am not a conspiracy theorist! So far I haven’t seen anything conclusive of that.

There’s enough bs on both sides of the aisle.

I am a moderate. I like a strong defense, but sweeping social programs encourages dependency. Yes, to Social Security and unemployment but we pay into them!

I always believed we should have a National Abortion law. No woman should have to do one stop shopping for an abortion! However I believe in moderation for an ending date.

I am for defending Ukraine. If not Russia I believe would play checkers with the non-NATO Baltic states.

I am for fossil fuels, nuclear fuel, wind and solar in other words US energy independence! Florida had another evacuation for the storm there. Imagine if all vehicles were EV. They wouldn’t get very far on their evacuation route.

I believe in pragmatic solutions!

Why should Biden Inc , Fauci and others who may have broken the law escape investigation? Oh, I see it’s revenge if the law is applied to them? I believe in equal application of the law!

So I am not radical at all. Surprise, surprise!

I like accountability in tax payers dollars! 

I am not saying either party is perfect but we have to match our priorities with the party that comes the closest matching them. Sometimes neither party matches my ethics but I don’t expect politicians to be religious counselors. Neither party in my opinion comes close.

Perception is reality to the person who holds it! Joe Biden thinks he is doing a great job! I don’t! So perhaps our realities differ? If black folks think there is systemic racism in this country, it’s their reality! I don’t have obstacles obviously so I see through a different filter! If a candidate doesn’t check our personal boxes then our reality of that candidate differs between you and I. If the Republicans leadership fails to do what “I” expect, I will change my vote 2024.

Jan 6th is a whole other matter that will be debated for decades to come as will Hillary dossier and Hunter and Joe’s dealings with foreign companies. That is as circular as the fwb’s post!

Have a great day!


Media, I am not in lockstep with all the Republicans talking points.

I consider myself a moderate I don’t just mindlessly pull the lever for a political party. 

I have never been on the Lindsey Graham bandwagon! Nor am I an AOC affecianado! 

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Facts?  Facts?  We don't need no stinking facts.  We are Republicans.  We just lie about everything.

For example there is this claim about the economy being bad.  But the economy is doing fine.  Unemployment is at historic lows, if you want a job, you can get one.  Wages are up.  Locally, mcDonalds is paying $16 per hour.  Inflation is up.  Not above historic levels but up.  I remember having a mortgage at over 9%.  Mostly inflation is being driven by corporate greed.  Profits are at historic levels.  House prices are coming down , but they were at bubble levels and need to deflate, that is not a bad thing.

just make it up. 

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Yes! Today is election day for the 2022 mid-terms!

The truth is one side’s gain is inherently the other’s loss in our political system. It's worse than ever. Anything goes today, facts don't seem to matter. Though the focus should be on addressing the needs of ALL Americans, it is not. INSTEAD we have a vicious circle of extreme  manipulation, tainted truth, conspiracies/lies, self-interest, with facts being a rare commodity. Sadly too, is that way too many so called Americans take pleasure in this insane divide.

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