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I have in my past been very interested in self help, I find myself now having found love again at the age of 55 that I want to be a lot better than I was 15 years ago. Do you have any advice or tips for me as my experience is very limited. Should I go back to self help or where can I get help for my future relationship with my current partner.  

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Yes! You have the right idea, Tony.  Ask yourself what kind of person you want to be? Then let your life be driven with that purpose. You can do, and be anything you that want to be, as long as you put your mind to it. It's your choice. Create your own future and happiness will definitely follow. You can't change anyone else they have to be willing to give 100 percent just like you. Definitely communicate your feelings. No matter work on you, sometimes when a significate other sees positive change they will want the same.

I believe in the law of attraction; that positive thoughts/intentions bring positive experiences into a person's life. We are made up of pure energy by God, best to use it to our best ability, anytime. 

Here's to you!

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The “only power” a self help book has, is if you follow through with the expert advice.

A relationship is a two way interaction. You can improve yourself. Your partner is responsible for their contribution to the relationship.

Communication is the key to having a great relationship. Listening to the other person, and considering their feelings is crucial for a strong relationship. 

I have enjoyed Tony Robbins’ books.

Good Luck!

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I once read a book called "The Magic of Thinking Big." The idea was that all you had to do was to act the part and eventually you would get to where you wanted to go. Its premise was the same as "The Power of Positive Thinking" and "Dress for Success." 

Unfortunately this is also how a log of con-artist scams get started! lol

Look, I am sure you need a nice suit and the ability to talk a good game to succeed in life. However it also takes skill and knowledge to succeed. You don't get this out of a business suit. 

Imho these books are targeting the gullible and the desperate. Don't waste your time.

(Note I didn't read the entire question before I answered but as for relationships you need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I've never met you and know nothing about you so I would ask your partner for advice, not us.)

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