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Midterm results.

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The final results aren't in and it's not certain which parties will control the House and Senate.  

Looking like Republicans re-took the House by the thinnest of margins.  Expect lots of frivolous investigations and impeachment motions and obstructionism.  

Senate still up in the air.  If Republicans win expect them to stop all judicial nominations and obstruct in general.  

Dismal as that is.  Republicans did not do nearly as well as many expected.

The best news is generally Republicans who made the most of being Trump lovers and the candidates he most actively promoted did poorly.  Right-Wing Media is dumping on Trump today.

If you've got 15 minutes here's an excellent summary of the current situation - Seth Meyer's Closer Look 

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A runoff occurs when neither candidate receives 50% of the vote.

Neither candidate Walker nor Warnock are angels Walker had a ton of baggage and appeared at best hypocritical.

Warnock, a minister was accused of being a “slumlord”, kicking residents out of the apartments he was affiliated with when behind in their payments during the pandemic.

Political ads on both sides painted their opposition in the worst light. A third party libertarian candidate ran siphoning off the 2 % of the vote either candidate needed to win.

Just announced Dec 6th will be the runoff. A re-vote.

Billions upon billions are spent in the US on campaign costs, ads, travel etc.

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

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Warnock's church (Ebenezer Baptist Church) owns some 90+ percent of the property in question, the Columbia MLK Tower.  There were NO evictions.  Papers were filed by the church's property management company (Warnock himself had no input there) when a number of tenants fell behind on their rents, but no evictions ever occurred.  

Walker held a press event to announce the "evictions" and had nine people behind him holding placards that said they were being evicted. None of the nine people on the stage were residents of the property (Columbia MLK Tower), and when a local TV station asked them questions, they quickly walked away.  Local residence said they had never seen any of them before.  FACT: fifteen eviction notices were filed.  FACT: Warnock and Walker both agreed that no evictions were carried out.

BIG story on Fox News, though, that led some to label Warnock as a "slumlord" when in fact the church itself had "no involvement in the day to day operations of that building."  

Fox reported, "A downtown Atlanta apartment building mostly owned by the church of Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., has reportedly been evicting disadvantaged tenants while the church pays the senator a hefty monthly housing stipend."  Their headline for the story was "Apartments owned by Warnock's church evict 'homeless tenants' while senator receives hefty housing stipend"  (Note: the "housing stipend" is part of his yearly compensation from the church.  It has been cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee.)

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Each state has different rules as to when they can begin counting mail-in ballots. This precludes some tallies coming in at the same time.

Different time zones across the US allow for polls closing significantly later than others.

Michigan won by Witmer D- governor 

New York won by Hochul-D - governor 

Ohio won by Mike Dewine-R-governor 

Texas won by Abbot-R- governor 

Florida won by Desantis-R Rubio-R Senate

Arkansas won by Sarah Huckabee, Mike Huckabee’s daughter R- governor.

Republicans expect to take the House and unseat Nancy Pelosi. Still counting votes.

Votes still out in Arizona Katie Hobbs-D  governor slightly ahead.

CA won by Newsome-D- governor 

PA- won by Shapiro-D-governor 

 NH won by Sununu-R-governor 

TN won by Bill Lee-R-governor 

IO won by Kim Reynolds-R-governor 

NE won by Jim Pillen-R-governor 

GA won by Brian Kemp-R-governor 

KN-won by Laura Kelly-D-governor 

MN-won by Janet Mills-D-governor 

NV-won by Lombardo-R-governor 

NM-won by Grisham-D-governor 

WI- won by Tony Evers-D-governor 

There was no Red Wave! Republicans were boasting about! Many Republicans may have opted not to vote as they thought the election was “ in the bag” Never a good idea to count your chickens before the hatch! Abortion played a bigger factor after all.

This is all that comes to mind at the moment.

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In PA, Shapiro defeated Mastriano in the governor's race. Fetterman defeated Dr. Oz for Senate.


Yes, I just corrected that! Thanks!


It seems to me that the winners are unhappy they didn't win more and the losers are delighted they didn't lose more.

In my opinion American democracy won big time.

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