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Today I turn 40. 

Last year at this time I was recovering from surgical repair on a ruptured Achilles tendon. Today? A huge party is happening to celebrate with me. I took a family vacation earlier in the week and I gotta admit, this has been the best decade of my life. Even though my mother is no longer here physically, my biggest problem with processing grief right now was that I felt guilty for still living and enjoying life without her here. 

I still may have trouble with it from time to time but all in all? I'm grateful to be alive & I don't need much to be there.

What are we drinking?

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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Whatever it is, I'll have another.  :-)

King, so glad to hear you are doing well and have made this terrific comeback.  

I just celebrated a birthday this week.  I was asked how old I am now, and I said I'm a dyslexic 47.


Happy days, King!

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Thanks Media!

I've always believed that the setback is a setup for the comeback. I'm working to reach my weight loss goals and enter a marathon this year.

Happy belated birthday to you as well. 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the KING! Here's to celebrating YOU!

I wish you immense joy, love, and laughter on this special day, and every day!

I knew you would get there in your recovery, King. I'm very pleased and happy to hear your song!

I understand your feelings about your dear mother, King. My husband past away much to soon this past July. I miss him terribly. I'm experiencing many first without him, with more to come. God had other plans for this amazing man of heart that I must accept. His first Christmas in Heaven, no doubt amazing. No matter both your mother and my husband will always live on through us, and those they touched. As every moment passes we must think of all the special times we shared with them, as we both know our happiness and faith  is what they want.

For this special occasion we shall share a drink of Cristal Champagne, a gift from me to you. Cheers to you my friend, and to all those we love who can't be with us today. With all our blessings, I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Special note:
My dad will turn 100 years old next week on December 21st, born in 1922. Now that's stamina for ya, lol. Mom too who turned 98 in November. I'm blessed to have both my parents in my lfe still.

: ))

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I'm grateful for every ounce of well wishes and support from you! You are incredible!

Your father is a century. Your mom is 98. What great genes you sprout from. You're definitely blessed to have both parents still around to pester. :D

With that being said, you're in my thoughts this season and I'm so sorry about the passing of your husband. He is a very fortunate man to have loved such a caring and inspiring person as yourself. I know you miss him. I'm not one to tell you the wrong thing.... so the first few holidays are the absolute worst when missing a loved one. Downright treacherous. If you need time to yourself, take it. I did just that for my grieving process with my mother being gone during her favorite time of year. Also, I encourage you to be around some love and allow those closest to you to love on you and pour into you at some point. 

So, here's a toast.... not just to myself turning 40 but to our loved ones who are gone but forever with us!


Thank you, King, for your amazing inspiration and insight. You are very special to me. You made me feel welcomed right from the beginning of my membership here, and beyond. I trust and  appreciate you. I really like you for you.

Thank you for your sentiments regarding them, as well. My dad completing a century was a wonderful and meaning celebration. Both my parents still have brilliant minds. I cherish them! Together they make up my whole heart, that I love to share with others..

Finally, thank for your caring advice, King, regarding me beloved husband. I will take it, and I will apply it to my heart and soul. 

Cheers my dear friend!

: )


Sorry for the delayed redone but I truly look forward to your responses when I am able to log on. I've appreciated your point of view from the very beginning and am hoping to still see you utilize that wisdom for the benefit of enlightenment. I trust and like you for you as well. 


Very nice, King. Thank you! Welcome back!

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Happy Birthday King!

May this year turn a page in resolving any past issues! You deserve another great decade of life. Guilt is generally learned behavior and a reflex we don’t totally understand. Each generation must pass and should not burden the younger generation with guilt. Life is to be enjoyed for the gift that it is!

I am having coffee, thank you!


The Leftists have left us!

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I appreciate you. Thanks so much!

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