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+3 votes

The witch hunt continues.

in Politics by (4,336,111 points)

5 Answers

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Yeah, all the rich folks who own businesses can claim all kinds of “loopholes” depreciation, loss of revenue blah,blah,blah. 

So now turn about is fair play? And the Republicans will open an investigation into Biden Inc, I suppose? 

For most part it is shamelessly legal and the crazy thing is the Democrats voted the loopholes in!

Now the Biden Administration is dragging their feeet complying with the Reps investigation.

I bet one thing if they have congressional hearings on Biden’s being compromised by China, our mass media won’t shut down all daytime tv programming to air it!!! Like they did the January 6th investigation of Trump!

Nope nothing to see here! 

Lady whistles a little non-descript tune………Lol!

by (1,048,190 points)
+3 votes

So what? His base don't care, its all ah but what about with them.

It's perfectly possible that other people cheat on their taxes too,  it doesn't change anything.  I doesn't negate one to suit the other.

by (3,170,110 points)

Oh, but you do....just like everybody else, you all LOVE to pay taxes don't you. You all willingly over pay your taxes every year, don't you.......what a crock


What has my taxes got to do with this? We're discussing Trump's taxes. Your wee rant went right over my head as I pay my taxes as I earn. However, even if I didn't, it wouldn't change the fact that neither did Trump. See how it works?.

Now some say Teump is a billionaire, some say he is not. I know this much, he is a hellava lot richer than me and I have paid every penny in tax that was due. I have paid my way in this world  and I didn't have to cheat to do it. 

Now you may admire someone who cheats his on his country, you might think that's a great thing, good for him you say, all the while you're paying your dues and perhaps more because the Trumps of this world get away with cheating. You may think education, armed forces, health care are unimportant therefore the rich who cheat are just good old boys. That sounds like  a load of crock to me.

However, as I said there are some who support that man's every move and he could literally kill children on the 10 o clock news and his base would still defend him.

That's the real tragedy 

+1 vote

To be human is said to be flawed, and limited. But a good human will work despite these flaws and limitations to do what's right. 

When you think about it we live rather short lives. Therefore, most of us will do our best to live our lives honest and meaningful. BUT, for some reason people will support those who capture power. For example politics uses intrigue, diplomacy, and makes an attempt to win public opinion no matter what. Even when it's wrong, backwards, sideways or what not. They excuse ones flaws by pointing out the flaws in others. No matter how redundant,  they'll make a wrong a right. I don't get it but that's exactly what we have here. 

Despite these inherent moral flaws of humanity, most people put effort into being making a difference, as said.. Even if it seems that being good sucks, humanity as a whole realizes that deep down that being EVIL sucks more.

by (461,200 points)

"Even if it seems that being good sucks, humanity as a whole realizes that deep down that being EVIL sucks more." No it doesn't, especially when you are paid well for being evil. You can't spend it in Hell. lol


In this life Evil will always suck more! There's no pass! "Money is the root of all all evil." In hell one is unconscious permanently!  Of course, there's no money to spend in hell, lol.  As in the "second death" (according to the Bible); "Death is the condemnation of souls for their deserts to eternal punishment." A permanent result of living evil in this life. 


+2 votes

His tax forms also show he never makes any of those charitable donations he claims to be so generous with. 

by (1,016,160 points)
+1 vote

Well, I see nobody is televising hearings on bringing down prescription drug prices. 

Nobody is conducting hearings on why politicians are able to use insider information to invest, 

Nobody is conducting hearings about why millionaires and billionaires don't pay their share of taxes,

Nobody is conducting hearings about why housing prices have doubled or quadrupled, and 

Nobody is conducting hearings on the shameless way airlines take advantage of the public.
...No to hotels if they have to keep you overnight. No free ticket changes, no to larger seat sizes, yes to overbooking and yes to charging extra for meals and carrying a suitcase with you. For Pete's sake, baggage while you travel? Who thought this up? lol

Congress, Its where Progress goes to die. 

by (34,180 points)
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