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My crush is Virgo. What do you think about this relationship?

My signs in the planets:

Sun - Cancer, Moon - Capricorn, Mercury - Gemini, Venus - Leo, Mars - Cancer, Ascendant -Capricorn.

His signs in the planets:

Sun - Virgo, Moon - Pisces, Mercury - Leo, Venus - Leo, Mars - Taurus, Ascendant - Pisces

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6 Answers

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The signs have spoken.   How is he in bed?

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+2 votes

As long as he isn’t in Uranus.

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I think astrology is bunk and you are more likely to lose a potential guy by being overly invested in what "the stars say" than if you ignore it and just see where things lead. It'll either work out or it won't but you don't know without trying. If I went by astrological compatibility, I'd have never married my husband. The charts say we aren't likely to work out long term or in a marriage. Our 10th anniversary is this summer.

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Mrs Media and I have been married for 52 years.  I believe it's all because of our sign compatibility, just like you.  Mrs Media is a Sagittarius.  I think *my* sign is 4th and Broadway.  It seems to work!

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LOL! Love it!

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My late husband's sign is Capricorn, mine is Taurus. The name on our cruiser is Capricorn One, and Taurus Too!

So, if your stars are inline like ours was than it's meant to be. 

If you see a chance then take it, love will make it.

Here's to the both of you!

: )

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I don't put any stock in astrology but found this for you from those who do.  Seems to say it's a good match...

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