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I have a watch with some unusual subdials on it. There are three. at 9:00 the subdial has 12 at the top and there are two markers before you get to the 9, two markers before you get to 6 and two before you get to 3 and two before you get back to 12. It takes 24 hrs to make one complete revolution.

The second subdial  is at the 6:00 position.  60 is at the 12:00 position with the same arrangement of markers as above. It takes 24 hrs to make one complete revolution 

The third subdial is at the 3:00 position. 30 is at the 12:00 position. 10 is at the 4:00pm position. 20 is at the 8:00pm position. Between each position there are 9 makers It takes 30 days to make a single revolution. 

The watch doesn't have a name on it. What are the subdials for?

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2 Answers

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I can't really picture what you have.  Perhaps if you show us pictures...?

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Some subdials or mini-dials on watches are actually fake. They are there for only a decorative purpose. While others are quite useful. The working subdials are there to provide us with extra additional help when necessary. These mini-dials are auxiliaries located right on  the face of a watch. 

My collection of  Invicta watches have them that I often use. These minidials have different functions depending on type of watch. Mine have several function abilities. For example; power reserve, to track seconds, minutes and hours. Even different moonphases, and other time zones. 

If you DON'T know the name or have the watch  manual, then search a similar watch on line for the particular information. Or a related watch video on YouTube. YouTube has always been a useful tool of mine. This way you can enjoy your watch to it's fullest, if you wish.

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thanks. The dials appear to be fake. For example I have a 12 on the dial but it only clicks 7 times, not 12 as it should to give each number a place to rest. That means that it was meant for days of the week.

The watch has no name that I can see but I don't think the subdials are real.

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