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I have heard this from more than one woman.But what if the woman you are insulting is a complete moron and what if she is acting against the interests of women? Like when Sen Susan Collins of Maine voted in favor of Brett Cavanaugh for the Supreme Court even though there were serious allegations of sexual assault?

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3 Answers

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STUPID is genderless.

I am an intense advocate of equality and support women's rights.

However, there are such things as common sense and common courtesy.  When I go into a building, for example, I hold the door open for anyone who may be following behind me, whether they are male or female or indeterminate.  It's just common courtesy. Unfortunately, back in my collegiate days, I held the door open at the dining hall for a group of three young coeds who were right behind me.  The first two marched in without even glancing at me and without a single syllable of thanks escaping their lips.  The third one said, quite loudly, for everyone within 20 yards to hear, "We can open our OWN doors, you male chauvinist pig!"

I didn't lose a beat.  I looked at her and said, equally loudly, "My mother taught me that holding doors open for other people is called common courtesy.  You're welcome, by the way. And if I'm a male chauvinist pig, I guess that makes you a female chauvinist sow."  How was that received?  Well, all the bystanders applauded.

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That was very immature and stupid thing to say. College kids are known for that. I'm sure she regrets it now. I said a lot of things in my college years I wish I could take back.

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Equality of the sexes is acceptable. Supporting something because one is brainwashed to support it is completely another. The problem is that equality for all is often misunderstood. What is often viewed as sexist is often just a nice gesture, and/or ones crazy opinion. Definitely not a one size fits all. We are born with the ability to have good sense in practical matters. Which stems from a process of our life experiences. However, I have question that notion many many times, lol. With that,  I find that common sense is something that we really can't teach. It seems that one either has that ability or they don't. 

I was brought up to believe that people are all created in the image of God, and therefore all people, races and ethnic groups have the same equal status and equal unique value. There's something to be said about that with the proper thinking attached. It's not only fair, it's smart. 

Media had it right when he opened up with STUPID is genderless! I, wholeheartedly agree!  Brilliant answer! Thank you, Media.

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::courteous tip of the cap to you, Sandy::

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Well, the comedian who said “You can’t fix stupid” was 100% correct.

I will sidestep Susan Collins as I believe every person who is a Senator has a right to vote as they see fit. Many times I may see a situation from another angle but these people were voted in to their respective positions.

Feminism originally had a conceptual idea of giving women more rights! “Some” women can readily do the jobs of men and some are complete failures. Generalities actually don’t apply well to the sexes, races and religious orientations.

Some men are total failures being men. Either because of lack of home training or lack of application.

Our Vice President Kamala Harris comes to mind as a complete “airhead” in her current position. She may have been an amazing DA in San Francisco. But her lack of leadership as border czar is laughable if it weren’t so serious. Many male politicians have seriously missed the mark also!

Not every female aged 18 is physically capable of joining the military. I would guess they are few and far between. Just as every male aged 18 isn’t necessarily physically capable either!

That’s my thoughts in a nutshell!

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