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My new fwb has a female friend that I don't like. This girl was one of his best male friends girlfriend. That's how he met her. The friend and the girlfriend were together for 3 years until he cheated on her with another girl whilst they were in a long distance relationship.

My boyfriend, his friend and the now ex girlfriend were close friends who routinely hung out together, lived together for a short while, had cyberparties etc.

Anyway, this girl is now single or so (I saw her with a guy and my bf last week) but I'm not sure if the guy is her new bf or another friend or someone related to her.

What I don't like about this is how my boyfriend pats her on her shoulder. It's more like how guys pat each other but I still don't like it. I also saw her touch his arm and give him a quick hug when he said he was feeling cold (before we got together). I ve seen him pat her on the shoulder before as well (while she was still with his friend). She was also instrumental in kind of ruining his friendship with his friend as he cheated. He had also been to her graduation ceremony a few months ago (after her break up).

He used to see her for dinner and lunch sometimes as well before we started dating but I asked him not to do this anymore and he has agreed.

Before we started dating, I also saw how she scolded him for checking out other girls (in a funny way) by saying he needs to stop being a "hoe" (he was hooking up a lot before we started dating)

He likes her ?

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p.s.  thank you in advance for flagging all my posts.  It lets me know you still care.

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Still desperately commenting on my posts. 


Still unable to ask the question of the right person... :-)


Ah as if I didn't know ask him. Such a revolutionary advice that I never heard of 


Well... when you DID ask him (you have never indicated that you have)... what did he SAY?

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You need to date a MONK!

Honestly Isabel who doesn’t absentmindedly touch someone in a group or alone. This isn’t necessarily a sexual interaction.

Most guys and gals these days have friends of the opposite sex. Like I explained to you before, if you are looking for total exclusivity, you need to be upfront in the beginning of your relationship. If you are dating a person who has a lot of friends both male and female, this over the long run this arrangement with you may seem untenable.

I sure would hate to throw my hands up to any male friends or neighbors saying I am not allowed to talk to you!

In my total life experience I only knew one male like this and he was humiliated and embarrassed to have to explain the “situation” to us.

So have you totally stopped talking to YOUR previous fwb? Or do you hold your current bf to a different standard than yourself?

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