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I love and appreciate all our current regulars here. However, I do miss many of our once was regulars. The ones that didn't take things too personal, that is. Lol! 

 : )

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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No, I don’t and never have. 

Guess I am a creature of habit! Lol!

The Leftists have left us!

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No I've stuck to AOR. Which regulars do you miss?

I can't get in touch with Amy at all and we exchanged personal contact info. I'm a bit concerned.

Then there were the Ultra MAGA's who thought they knew trump personally and got the hump if I insulted him. They took it very personal and ran away to their various echo chambers.

Oh I miss them. 


I too tried to contact Amy. I too am concerned, even tho we disagreed a lot politically! Lol! I have always enjoyed other people’s opinions and why they feel so strongly!


I've only been a member since April of 2021, going on two years. So, I only had the pleasure to get know the regulars from that point on, which includes you. I'm glad you're still here. The members that I use to enjoy and miss off the top of my head are: 

~ Justpassingthru 

~ King313 

~ SAM 

~ JSC/Joe (Joe past away) 

~ Sapph1reeyes 

~ Madman76 

I miss Blue too, as he's not on as much as he once was. 

I'm sorry to hear about Amy. I hope she's OK, and that you eventually hear from her. She was one of the first members besides you that I got to know here. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I rubbed her the wrong way though. Not at all my intention. I deal with a lot so not much gets to me, I'm very chill, and can take a lot. 

I probably would have enjoyed those Ultra MAGA's you mention. Lol. I know from personal experience outside of AOR too, how combative and complex politics can be. Bring


It`s sure sad to hear that JSC passed away, Sandygirl. Is that official? I know we suspected it.

He was a fun guy and a dedicated horse racing fan. RIP Joe. You are missed.


Oh NO Blue Jay. I sent you an email on JSC/Joe a few weeks back. Did you not get it? Unfortunately, Joe's passing is official, Blue Jay! I was finally able to get in contact with Joe's nephew Jim via internet. I just couldn't stop thinking about Joe. You may remember Joe talked about Jim his cousin and nephew both named Jim often. Jim his nephew is a jockey. His nephew finally responded to me, and confirmed Joe's passing. I'm sick about it. Joe lost his whole immediate family before him. His daughter, mother, wife, and then his son. He was devastated, never got over it. Not sure if that's  possible anyway. I don't know Joe's actual cause of death but Jim said he was suffering heart break/depression. Jim said there was no service, and that Joe donated his body to science. He was such a wonderful man.  He definitely has the best seats in the house now to watch horse racing. He is definitely missed. He was part of our group for many years.

May our JSC/Joe rest peacefully.


I`m sorry to say but i received no notice of Joe`s passing from you,i certainly would have responded to that. He admired you SandyGirl for you Knowledge, Resourcefulness and Kindness and always said that we made a perfect team.

  He`s in God`s hands now. We love you Joe.

I'm very sorry Blue Jay, I presumed it was one of those many times where you just didn't respond. I should have checked with you. I apologize. I'm not sure what happened, but now you know. It's sad. I thank you, Blue Jay, for your kind sentiment regarding me on Joe's behalf. You're making me tear up. Yes, Joe appreciate us as a team, and we him. He was loyal too, he showed up every week. I remember when I first met him and his wife at Saratoga, someone pointed me out to him. He came up to me and said "are you Sandra?" "I'm JSC." Such a thrill. Remarkable people him and his wife that's for sure. He's definitely is in good hands and company now with God and his loves. Please let ponygirl know. xo.

I Just sent ponygirl a message:)


Sandy, not all of them are gone.  Blue, of course, still runs the board.  And Madman76 just posted a little earlier today.  Some of the others haven't posted since November/December, but perhaps they are just taking a break and will be back on before too long.  Here's hoping, anyway.


I am so sad about Joe/JSC!! Thanks for your research SandyGirl and your message Blue Jay!


Thank you for the information, Media. I see Madman76 did post hours after I asked my question. Fist time in awhile. I know Blue's around too, and runs this site. So thankful and grateful for that. I simply miss Blue's sense of humor when he participated more frequent. I understand why he doesn't though. I'm lucky that I'm in the position to fit AOR easily in throughout my work day. I, too, am hopeful that the others will come back. I'm very happy you're still here with us, Media.  


I'm sad about Joe too, ponygirl. I pray everyday that Joe's eternal rest is granted unto him. Let the perpetual light shine upon him. May, Joe, my dear friend, rest in peace  Amen


Sorry to hear about Joe. I've said it many times. The number of posts have fallen but if you look at the view counts and daily visits it's obvious a lot of people are still visiting and I have ip addresses so I can check but hardly ever do. Thanks to Sandy for the mention, Media, Glasgow and others for sticking with it. From the start I said I was in it for the long-term no matter what. You all have a great day. And if I haven't mentioned your name, it's not intentional.




Sandy who was Joe? I can't place him.



As you can see Blue Jay provided Joe's link for me. Do you remember him now? He was a great all around guy! A true gentleman!

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I used to be a regular on Yahoo answers!! There are many that I wonder about like JSC, Rusty Nails, Tony and others! 

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I wonder about those you mentioned too, ponygirl. And, many others I enjoyed on Yahoo! Answers. Great memories for sure. Blue Jay and I would have appreciated their following us here too. Y!A took away private messaging so there was no way to contact them. We posted are move here but not everyone got to see it! Maybe someday they will stumble upon us again. I'm so thankful you're with us, ponygirl. 


Thank you SandyGirl! Me too!


You're welcome, ponygirl. Be sure to read Joe's prayer under your other comment to me above. Enjoy the races today. ♡

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I was on Answerbag for a bit then found the original Answerology. Those were great times. As with AOR it's all about the people and the community. Some of the mods though were out of control. You had to wait 30 minutes for your question to appear, if you're lucky and there were many bugs. Customer Service took two weeks to reply, then never. lol and people wanted a duplicate.

Life is what you make it.

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