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When I worked Sunday was always another working weekend day except for my 2 vacation Sundays a year!

Saturday & Sunday are always the 2 busiest days of the week in grocery/Big Box retail!

Is your Sunday a Fun Day?

Or does it have other significance?

The Leftists have left us!

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Tomorrow is Mother's day here. As my boy is in OZ It'll be a normal Sunday for me which is the day I do a deep clean, change the bed and do the washing 


Happy Mother’s Day! Belle!

I know it won’t be the same without your son and husband but know I will be thinking of you!


All the best on Mater's Day!


Happy Mother's Day! : )

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On Sunday morning, it's church. Most of the time I'm in the congregation, but I regularly run the cameras for the large in-house projection screen and the online streaming broadcast of the service.

Sunday afternoon,  it's preparing for the Sunday evening Family Dinner. Mrs Media prepares the meal while I set the large dining room table with formal place settings for 8 and the two side tables for the 5 kids. 

Sunday evening, our extended family comes for dinner.  At one point, we had dinner for 18, but one family of five moved a few years ago and comes home only a few times per year.  

After dinner, it's my job to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  I load the dishwasher to the max and hand wash the pots, pans, bowls, and other dishes that won't fit in the dishwasher.  

Once everyone trickles out the door, Mrs Media and I sit down and relax, watching the TV shows we've recorded and unwinding a bit.

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Now, I spend this first minutes waking up in thoughtfulness. I no longer work.

I sometimes listen to different religious programming and often seem “to land” on a sermon I seemingly accidentally need to hear! Something that I have puzzled on earlier in the week!

And I begin this day as all days in prayers for specific people I think might need God’s help, guidance or encouragement!

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It depends, Sundays are either for absolutely nothing except maybe some light cleaning or they are my grocery shopping and laundry day if I didn't on Saturday because I was otherwise engaged. This Sunday is a going to be a grocery shopping and laundry day because I spent yesterday at work. 

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