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For me the physical abuse scenes between the little daughter and her mother in the movie:

“Before Women Had Wings” 1997 ABC tv movie

Miss Zora- Oprah Winfrey

Bird Jackson- Tina Marjorino

Glory Marie(Bird’s mother)- Ellen Barkin

Phoebe Jackson ( Bird’s older sister)- Julia Stiles

What movie depicts scenes from your childhood?

The Leftists have left us!

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4 Answers

+2 votes

Nothing.  My life has been much too boring for any movie to even contimplate.

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Then you are blessed my friend!


It is true.  I have come to believe that.

+2 votes

I'm sure it's not been made yet.

To be fair, I'm not a movie buff, so my life story could be out there and I don't know it.

+2 votes

Not a movie, but I find that the show City on a Hill matches the clothing, accents and some of the scenery from my childhood. My uncle still dresses like some of the characters and the older he gets the thicker his accent gets.

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For me, I can't decide.  I think it's a toss-up between American Graffiti and Old Yeller.  :-)

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I never saw “American Graffiti” believe it or not! 

Old Yeller was a tear jerker best I remember? My animal friends were my best friends!


Old Yeller? Would you be Travis or Arliss?


I would be Arliss after refamiliarizing myself with the plot details. I think I most likely was 4 at the time. The movie really tugged at the heart strings if I remember correctly?

I am never jaded regardless of my setbacks or losses. Guess that is my core personality. I have loved each of my dogs individually as they were different breeds and or had very different personalities. The breed also dictates a lot of their day to day needs and activities. Lol!

I could never have put one of my dogs down ever! I wouldn’t risk my family but someone else would have to “pull the trigger!”

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