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This soon after Queen Elizabeth’s death, it strikes me as odd?

But in reality what other title could she hold?

Wife of the King???!

2nd Lady?? Lol!

The Leftists have left us!

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4 Answers

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I'm guessing the title she's already got whatever that is.

Life is what you make it.

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I think that the original deal was that she could not be queen.  That when Elisabeth agreed that chuck could marry her.  Camille will never be queen in the same sense as Elisabeth.  The place has only one ruler and it doesn't pass husband to wife or wife to husband.  It goes down to firstborn children or children of the firstborn, not siblings.  I think officially Camilla is queen consort.  But will probably be called "Queen", not that anyone cares.

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Is that tomorrow?. I thought it was in May. Shows how much interest I have in it 

Wellone was right she will be the queen consort. Philip was always the Duke of Edinburgh never King 


Oops, I misread the date!

Yes, May 6!

Blue still has time left to get his rightful invitation!

; - )

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Camilla won't be Queen. She isn't part of the royal blood line. She would have to have been born into it for that.

Its odd when you think about it. King George I who was German and didn't speak English, had more than 50 people ahead of him in the original blood line; but got it because he was a Protestant, and they were Catholic. It shows how little "purity" really matters in bloodlines. lol

Also, Oliver Cromwell who wasn't a royal actually got rid of the royal blood line and became King himself after the English Civil War beheaded Charles I. The royal blood line got "reinstated" by Parliament 11 years after his death because they liked the illusion of royalty.

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Funny thing is I read the invitations that were officially sent out addressed Camilla as Queen and not Queen consort!

The article claimed she will be crowned Queen at the coronation of King Charles.

The article said nothing of the passing of the crown to Camilla in the event of King Charles passing tho, so perhaps it is simply a formality?

I’ll bet that will really chafe Harry and Megan altho as much as that both seem to want their independence from the crown, they seem completely absorbed in what the royals do! Lol!


Oliver Cromwell was never a King, He was Lord Protector who used his power to brutalise Ireland and Scotland.

The reason the  British went back to a Monarch was because he let power corrupt him and decreed that when he died his Son would inherit his job. This was absolutely the reason England had a civil war in the first place, to curtail Royal power.


Lady4U RE "I’ll bet that will really chafe Harry and Megan altho as much as that both seem to want their independence from the crown,": Then they shouldn't have made a documentary that flopped! That was Megan's fault. Don't bite the hands that feed you. lol

Glasgowe Belle: Okay Oliver Cromwell wasn't officially a king but he was top dog in England for several years so he had the same powers.

But you also said England reinstated the monarchy because Cromwell was 1) corrupt and 2) was appointing his successor?

Regarding the first point, isn't this what the Royal family does? They have always been incestuous, adulterous, and murderous.

And 2) regarding appointing his successor, hasn't the Royal family had some terrible successors? I fail to understand why this made a difference. Why did England reinstate the monarchy under Charles II that it removed under Charles I?


CoolguyI agree! I should’ve put (sarcasm) in parentheses at my post about their :independence: Lol!

Harry(the 8th) is headed to dear dad’s coronation without Me-again! I mean Meghan! She’s staying home with the kiddos!  Do you think she’ll make him wear “a wire” to record the juicy conversations! I mean won’t they want another interview and book? Lol!

What a royal dysfunctional mess!


Yeah, they're both nutty. I'd like to see what happens when the money goes. How much in love will they be in then? lol


I tried to respond cool but it was too frustrating the way my phone keeps screwing about.

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