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Imagine holding the $2 winning ticket of Rich Strike, Epicenter and Zandon in 2022?

I’d need a defibrillator! Lol!

The Leftists have left us!

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Absolutely it can!!! Very exciting! I cashed in on several long shot in the Kentucky Derby over the years. Though I don't recommend it, I placed a $2 on every horse in the field those years. I place that kind of bet purely as a back up bet for the fun of it. The  reason is the Kentucky Derby is actually the hardest race to handicap due to such a large field. Many times it's run over a sloppy track too. In a field of (20) the horses with the most talent or speed doesn't necessarily mean much. Only 40 favorites won the Kentucky Derby since 1908.

In 2019, Country House won the Kentucky Derby due to Maximum Security being disqualified after the race. The second time that happened in history.


Let your life be driven with purpose!

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That’s the strategy I’d probably give a try!

I get excited just thinking of the Ky Derby coming up!!!


Do they still sing My Old Kentucky Home at the Kentucky Derby?


Yes! They do. It's quite the celebration! ♡


I’m curious what did Maximum Security get disqualified for? Whose trained Maximum Security, who was the jockey?


Maximum Security was disqualified for interference in the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Not drug related.  However, his trainer was Jason Servis (2018–March 2020) later pleaded guilty to federal charges involving a widespread scheme to drug horses, last year Dec 9, 2022. No one gets away with such abuse, abuse of any kind anymore. A successful crackdown, which was/is worth all the years of effort put into the safety of these amazing athletes. 

M S. JOCKEY: Luis Saez


Fascinating! Sandygirl!

You should write a fictional novel about the “Horsey World!”

Have you ever considered it???? Hmmm?


I actually do write, but not novels. Lol.. Working aside and policing the industry I write many reports. Thank you. : )


Would writing a fictional novel, be considered a conflict of interest in your industry?

You certainly have the potential!


I don't believe it would be a conflict of interest because of all the necessary facts that would need to go into it. However, that's something I would  need to look into. Thank you so much for the inspiration, lady4u. 

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I'll be trotting all the way to the bank.

Life is what you make it.

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Not very likely. It happens but never 2 years in a row

Rich Strike pulled a huge upset during the 2022 Kentucky Derby by winning against 80-1 odds.
The 3-year-old thoroughbred, along with Venezuelan jockey Sonny Leon, became the second biggest longshot to win in the 148-year history of the event.
There had not been a bigger upset in over 100 years.

1. Donerail (1913), 91-1
2. Rich Strike (2022), 80-1
3. Country House (2019), 65-1
4. Mine That Bird (2009), 50-1
5. Giacomo (2005), 50-1
6. Gallahadion (1940), 35-1
7. Apollo (1882), 32-1
8. Charismatic (1999), 31-1 *
9. Proud Clarion (1967), 30-1
10. Exterminator (1918), 29-1

* 8. Charismatic - The only horse to win two legs ( Derby & Preakness )

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Good information Blue Jay! 

: )


Thanks Sandy:)


Blue Jay,

I first read your comment about 8) Charismatic -

The only horse to win with two legs . Lol!


That’s what happens when you continue to read late at night! Lol!! Zzzzzzz


Not impossible as you may think.. He did finish 3rd in the Belmont with only 3 legs..


Lady4, lol. I know what you mean. Anyone not knowing or understanding horse racing would think the animal (horse) was running with two legs literally. Not two legs of the Triple Crown. Lol. 

The three legs of the Triple  Crown are:

Kentucky Derby Stakes, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.


SandyGirl:) - check your email or spam for easter e-card.:)


Thank you, Blue Jay.. no doubt it's in my spam. I apologize, as I don't normally check my spam. I'll check later on today. : )


; - )) Lol!

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It sure could!!

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