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My Boyfriend games. He says it helps him relieve PTSD from serving in the Air Force having to be on the Front Lines. Keep in mind I support him in his Therapy.The past Month it's become an Addiction. The majority if the time I'm there, he's on his Games. He has said he needs to cut down on them, yet he continues to game 80% of the time. He also said he enjoys our time together and is very happy in our Relationship. So you think he wouldn't spend so much time Gaming. He said I come first over them and when I'm dressing or naked. Then why does most of his attention still stay on the damned Games? How do I mention all of this without sounding like I'm trying to dictate what he does? How do I mention to him it hurts when he games too much and I'm not being treated as number 1 as stated without sounding like I'm complaining. Other than that, I have no complaints.

I'm also going to put this in Dating, Entertainment, and Relationships to get as much Advice as possible.

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2 Answers

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You wrote "I'm also going to put this in Dating, Love, and Relationships to get as much Advice as possible."

Well, you certainly did that... by posting the exact same thing four times...  ;-)

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes.  I suggest you do some research on exactly what his addiction is and what it is not.  Also, try to understand what YOU can--and CANNOT--do to help him.

A good place for you to start is here:

Best wishes on a difficult journey.

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But you are complaining.  

And a naked woman is always number 1.   Don't put too much stock in anything said while you are naked, or just after sex.

Otherwise, you do have a problem.  He may want to cut back on the games, but has no incentive to do so. You need to exp!ain to him that it is hurting your relationship and if gaming continues to be the most important thing in his life, it will probably destroy your relationship.  Don't threaten, just the facts.

Offer to help by planning activities for you both.  Something out of the house, that doesn't involve you getting naked.

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