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Tucker is a famous Fox News political avatar. Lemon started as a newscaster but became news hour host. Carlson was fired evidently because he was costing Fox too much money. Lemon was fired because of bad ratings. But the fact that both were fired within an hour of each other is too coincidental to be a coincidence.

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3 Answers

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Ahhh! Yes! What fun the entertainment industry is having these days. 

The media sure knows how to rock our world don't they. Or raise our eyebrows to say the least. 

Was the firing of Carlson and Lemon just a craZy coincidence or just another entertainment ploy, or possibly both? Maybe even a desperate much needed financial move for these one sided political networks? All the above, perhaps. Either way it looks like both of these bad boy ways caught up with them leading to their firing.. 

Fans of Tucker Carlson too are ordering Whoopi Goldberg to be fired. Her display of celebration regarding Tucker Carlson on her show has raged his fans.  Network to network the outrage bait will live on.

It's all about the $$$$$$$$.

If you sense a bit of sarcasm, then you'd be correct, sir. : ) 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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So the timing was a ratings ploy? good. lol

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Tucker Carlson got all emotionally caught up in the Dominion conspiracy theory! He often boasted Murdoch and Fox management never told him what he could discuss on his opinion program.

However Tucker foolishly flew to close to the sun like Icarus in Greek mythology.

He flew right into a red hot libel suit… that cost Fox News  785 million dollars? Yelp!

He tried to make a political point that the other left wing stations had omitted video of Jan 6th showing  buffalo protestor being lead by the Capitol police thru the Capitol peacefully to the rotunda itself! Showing there was no attempt to arrest that protestor but in actuality assist him.  However, his point wasn’t well made and it appeared Tucker was denying any wrongdoing on Jan 6. Whatever his point was it was convoluted which Tucker seldom is. A media storm ensued!

Don Lemon’s poor ass ratings tanked so bad he lost his evening Prime time solo feature to be moved to the Morning show with 2 female anchors! Lemon a renowned misogynist made a comment about Nikki Haley-R being “past her prime” referring to Haley being 50+ A media circus ensued and female CNN watchers were incensed!

Lawyers in both cases circled the wagons and most likely advised these Networks that these anchors were “loose cannons” likely to bring down further libel lawsuits.

Two additional anchors being likely considered might be FOX’S Marie Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro. Both of whom had made unsubstantiated claims regarding Dominion and Jan 6th.

We’ll see if Susan Scott at Fox sits them down to a one on one meeting or they get rolled out the door in a spring cleaning too!

Edit: Suzanne Scott - CEO FOX NEWS!

The Leftists have left us!

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Oh by the way… FOX NEWS didn’t negotiate Dan Bongino’s contract last week ending his show Friday!

Another coincidence?

I think not!

FOX NEWS in the midst of all this legal hubbub was very likely warned by the same lawyers about Bongino’s growing influence, unsubstantiated claims and possibility/ probability of eliciting a libel suit himself.

FOX NEWS didn’t come to a negotiated contract intentionally in my opinion leaving Bongino to voluntarily exit stage left!

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Just a coincidence.

Tucker was fired for being an asshole.  He was on record with Fox as knowing that trumpsky was a fraud,  who lost the election but continued to lie on the show about it because he thought his ratings would drop.  He has no credibility and was very highly paid and his lie cost about 800 million so far and counting.  And he was unrepentant.  So, he was doomed.

Lemon just was a misogynist who said things on air that the network could not tolerate.  You just cannot talk about women the way you could 10 years ago.  He should have known that.  But, opened mouth, inserted foot, and kicked himself out the door.

Seriously, neither will be missed.  There are lots of people who can be as obnoxious as these two just waiting in the wings.

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