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The Road to The Triple crown
Kentucky Derby
Churchill Downs / Sat. May 06,2023

1 1/4 Miles / Open / 3 Year Olds / G1 Stakes / Purse: $3,000,000
Surface: Dirt / Race 12 / Post:6:57 PM EST. / TV - NBC and Peacock / 12pm - 7:30pm

PP / Horse / Jockey / Wgt /  Trainer / ML Odds
1.Hit Show M. Franco 126 Lbs B. Cox  30-1
2.Verifying T. Gaffalione 126 Lbs B. Cox  15-1
3.Two Phil's J. Loveberry 126 Lbs L. Rivelli  12-1
4.Confidence Game J. Graham 126 Lbs J. Desormeaux  20-1
5.Tapit Trice L. Saez 126 Lbs T. Pletcher  5-1
6.Kingsbarns J. Ortiz 126 Lbs T. Pletcher  12-1
7.Reincarnate J. Velazquez 126 Lbs T. Yakteen  50-1
8.Mage J. Castellano 126 Lbs G. Delgado  15-1
9.Skinner ( SCRATCHED )
10.Practical Move (SCRATCHED )
11.Disarm J. Rosario 126 Lbs S. Asmussen  30-1
12.Jace's Road F. Geroux 126 Lbs B. Cox  50-1
13.Sun Thunder B. Hernandez, Jr. 126 Lbs K. McPeek  50-1
14.Angel of Empire F. Prat 126 Lbs B. Cox  8-1
15.Forte ( SCRATCHED )
16.Raise Cain G. Corrales 126 Lbs B. Colebrook  50-1
17.Derma Sotogake (JPN) C. Lemaire 126 Lbs H. Otonashi  10-1
18.Rocket Can J. Alvarado 126 Lbs W. Mott  30-1
19.Lord Miles ( SCRATCHED )
20.Continuar ( SCRATCHED )
21.Cyclone Mischief J. Rosario 126 Lbs D. Romans  30-1
22.(AE )Mandarin Hero (JPN) K. Kimura 126 Lbs T. Fujita  20-1
23.King Russell R. Bejarano 126 Lbs R. Moquett  50-1

Ultimate PP`s / Saturday / Hit Show / Race 12

*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box
If none of the above apply the Point System will be used

***The Point System***
Points will be Applied to your Top 3 Selections
Points start by number of Horses in the field
Example: A 10 Horse Field
The winning Horse gets 10 Points
The place Horse gets 9 Points
The show Horse gets 8 Points
And so on down 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
The highest number of accumulated points receives Best Answer.

Point System ( High Number ) Tie Breaker
Answer #1 / 8-6-3 = 17
Answer #2 / 7-6-4 = 17
Answer #3 / 9-5-3 = 17
Answer #4 / 10-6-1 = 17
BA - #4 - HN - 10  
RU - #3 - HN - 9
HM - #1 - HN - 8


Win ( 8 ) Mage - $32.42 - $ 14.58 -  $ 9.08
Place ( 3  ) Two Phil`s - $10.44 - $6.52
Show ( 14 ) Angel of Empire - $4.70

** Best Answer Scores **
No Wins Or Exoctics
All go toThe Point System
LADY4U - 42 - H 16 - BEST ANSWER
ponygirl - 42 - Runner Up
grinandbareit - 41 - Honorable Mention
parents - 40
Blue Jay:) - 38
SandyGirl:) - 35

***Video Replay**
Mage Rallies to Thrilling Kentucky Derby Victory

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6 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Win: (14) Angel of Empire

Place : (5) Tapit Trice

Show: (1) Hit Show


(2) Verifying 

(3) Two Phil’s

The Leftists have left us!

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Congratulations to
Our Kentucky Derby Handicapping Champion
and to ponygirl as Runner Up
and grinandbareit with Honorable Mention

Thanks to All that Participated!

RACE ( 27 )
1. ponygirl (66)
2. SandyGirl ( 62 )
3. lady4u ( 56 )
4. Blue Jay ( 46 )
4. Parents ( 46 )
5.grinandbareit ( 11 )
6. Sam ( 3 )
6. Bluegenel ( 3 )


Thanks again to Blue Jay!

I’ll gladly take BA!

Congratulations to Ponygirl for RU

Congrats to HAB as HM!

Thanks again Blue Jay for hosting!



Let`s all give a big hand to lady 4u for sweeping all 3 races with BEST ANSWER!!

she is now considered a PROFESSIONAL HANDICAPPER!


My top pick Verifying took the lead and held it to the top of the stretch and faded.

When my other 2 picks finished 1st and 2nd i thought i had it all sewed up.

Then i saw verifying had faded to 16th. This dropped my points considerably.


Congrats lady4U on BA and to grinandbareit with HM! Thanks Blue Jay and lady4U for congrats on my RU! 


Very excited that Mage won all proceeds go to Cancer. My daughters and I picked him in a separate bet to contribute because of the cause and because my husband died from cancer. Mage was #8 and my husband Birthday is January 8 so nice fit. Very pleased. Expect the unexpected worked out.


CONGRATULATIONS as our Kentucky Derby Champ, lady4u. Nice full moon for you..beautiful!

WTG as Runner Up, ponygirl! 

And, Grin with Honorable Mention!

The parents and I would like to thank everyone. 

Blue Jay, thank you for Hosting. Great job Dr. CEO! : )

Nice lead, ponygirl! ♡
Have a great Sunday!

Thanks to all and God Bless You.

I`ll leave you with this thought:

 Handicappers are very lucky

Horses only get one shot at the Kentucky Derby;

Handicappers get a shot every Year!

- Blue Jay


Thank you SandyGirl!! I was so happy for Javier C.!! 


Me too, ponygirl. So happy. The press conference after the race with Javier, his children, and all Mage's connections was nice, and quite emotional too. What a great team. Mage means magician and/or wizzard. I was amazed on how great he raced. Lightly raced Mage definitely has talent and proved it in the Derby. : )


Very true, Blue Jay. Nice! : )


I know the feeling, Blue Jay. Angel of Empire started to close a bit too late. I saw him coming and was hoping he'd cross the finish line or at least place. Tapit Trice wanted nothing to do with the Derby, lol. 

My real bet; I keyed Tapit Trice and Angel of Empire with my other picks in a Trifecta. Came up short. But our separate WIN bet for a reason with Mage made it a beautiful day in many ways! 

+3 votes

The Blue Jay Factor
Plc ( 3 ) Two Phil`s              
Shw ( 8 ) Mage               
( 5 ) Tapit Trice
( 14 ) Angel of Empire
( 7  ) Reincarnate   

"May the Horse be with You"


BA - 10
RU - 6
HM - 4


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C R K Racing's Skinner has been scratched from the May 6 Kentucky Derby (G1) because of an elevated temperature. The horse was scratched by trainer John Shirreffs, according to Kentucky Horse Racing Commission stewards.

+3 votes

W  5 Tapit Trice

P  3 Two Phil's

S  17 Derma Sotogake


2 Verifying

18 Rocket Can

by (181,430 points)
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pony- are you referring to the post position? Smarty Jones won coming out of #15


Yes!  My man Smarty Jones! <3 

Practical Move was just scratched and he was my show horse but Two Phil's is my 1st alternate and he is fine so at this point, I won't edit my answer! 


I just read about Practical Move!

Did he have the flu ( fever) ?

Gosh and “sudden deaths” of various horses!

No causes of deaths determined?


Trainer Tim Yakteen plans to scratch Practical Move from the May 6 Kentucky Derby (G1) after the Santa Anita Derby (G1) winner showed an elevated temperature May 4 at Churchill Downs.

The decision to scratch him from Saturday's race was done out of precaution.



Saffie Joseph suspended !

Lord Miles scratched!

After recent horse deaths!


Trainer Saffie Joseph Jr. had already planned to scratch several horses entered May 4-6 at Churchill Downs but intended to keep Lord Miles in the Kentucky Derby (G1), but the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission took that decision away from him.

The KHRC announced the afternoon of May 4 that all the trainer's horses would be scratched "effective immediately and until further notice." Shortly after that announcement, Churchill Downs announced that the trainer had been suspended indefinitely from the track.


Whenever anything like this happens a deep investigation is necessary, and it's quite involved I may add. Unfortunate is the timing. The industry keeps me quite busy as it is this time of the year. The role of the commission for all states is to uphold integrity, and to ensure the safety of this amazing athletes. The commission has the capacity to enforce any legal compliance necessary in order to do so.


Now Continuar is being scratched and King Russell is entered. 


Yes, ponygirl, as indicated all of Joe Saffie's horses are scratched due to his ban. Thinking tomorrow his other horse will be too in the Turf Derby. That race is also being Hosted by Blue Jay. We worked for the safety integrity act for over 25 years, it's passed last July, so the commission is doing it's job by investigating. When it comes to this it's a guilty before proven innocent (so to speak) due to our beloved Thoroughbreds. All for the better good. : )


C R K Racing's Skinner has been scratched from the May 6 Kentucky Derby (G1) because of an elevated temperature. The horse was scratched by trainer John Shirreffs, according to Kentucky Horse Racing Commission stewards.


Forte is now scratched. I edited my original answer.


I was just going to update on Forte's scratch. Thank you ponygirl.


Check your post number on your horse change ponygirl. I think you mean the 17 Derma Sotogake


YW SandyGirl!


TY SandyGirl! I did mean 17!! 


Kentucky Derby (G1) favorite Forte has been scratched from the May 6 race at Churchill Downs.The scratch comes after regulatory veterinarian concerns related to a mending foot bruise in his right front leg, according to co-owner Mike Repole.

The Todd Pletcher trainee, last year's champion 2-year-old, had been the favorite at 4-1 odds in early wagering for the classic. With his absence, Angel of Empire and Tapit Trice are likely to vie for post-time favoritism.


Thx, Blue Jay!

I amended my bet! Lol

+3 votes


WIN 14 Angel of Empire

Place 11 Disarm

Show 4 Confidence (replacing Forte)


5 Tapit Trice

6 Kingbarns

3 Two Phil's

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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+2 votes

W - 15.Forte

P - 5.Tapit Trice

S - 14.Angel of Empire

A1 - 10.Practical Move

A2 - 17.Derma Sotogake

by (988,090 points)
+2 votes

WIN 5 Tapit Trice

Place 14  Angel of Empire 

Show 22 Mandarin Hero  (Replacement due 15 Forte scratch) 


3 Two Phil's

11 Disarm

8 Mage

Have fun, and enjoy the races! And, remember that anything can happen in this "most exciting (fastest) two minutes in sports" and it usually does. LOL! 

: )

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)
edited by

Most anything has already happened...LOL?


EXACTLY, partner. It's infinite! Lol!

: )

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