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Google used to be great. Now it has a very limited response. There are other search engines outh there but I don't know which ones are good. What do you recommend?

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3 Answers

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Yahoo and Bing are alternatives 

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Right Media! Thats the one i use.

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Most search engines are powered by google, if you didn't already know. The top three giants are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Life is what you make it.

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All mentioned plus I often use Microsoft Edge. 

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However, note Microsoft Edge has become a very solid browser ever since Microsoft transitioned to using the Chromium project as a base, and that means Windows 11 comes with a great browser right out of the box. It no longer has to be the browser you only use to download Google Chrome or whatever your favorite browser may be. It's also a one of the best browsers you can get on Android. However, Edge does have one flaw that many users won't like - by default, it uses Bing as its search engine

Bing isn't terrible, but most users will no doubt prefer Google, or maybe a more privacy-oriented search engine like DuckDuckGo. How good it is can also depend on where you are, and Google is more consistently good in different parts of the world, while Bing is more heavily focused on a few key regions. 

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