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 Or will they find a way to get him to resign?

Public Confidence In Supreme Court Sinks To 25%, Poll Says (

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4 Answers

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My hope is that he will resign, either by choice or through outside pressure. The right will fight it tooth and nail, though, as that would mean losing a far right Justice from the bench, and he would be replaced by a moderate to liberal Justice.  

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You are absolutely right about that. The Tories will fight like hell to keep him.

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The lesson that trump taught politicians is "never admit anything and don't resign". 

So thomas will never resign. And the far right congress will neither allow him to be removed nor reform the bunch of losers and make them behave.  Normally if you accept bribes you go to jail, unless you are a supreme court justice, then you just open the other hand.  I

The chief justice sets the tone.  His wife is collecting millions of dollars advising lawyers appearing before the court.  You think that he is going to squak about thomas getting a few hundred thousand occasionally.  They are all on the take.

IT is like asking the mafia to make sure that the mafia isn't doing anything illegal.

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Correct you are. Thanks for your comment.

OR she collects money and puts it in a Swiss bank account. lol

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They'll probably give themselves a rise in salary and hope no-one notices.

Life is what you make it.

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Justices are impeached and removed from office in the same way as presidents, with a majority vote in the House and two thirds majority in the Senate. Which, as indicated by welloone, is unlikely to happen, given Republicans’ control of the House and narrow minority in the Senate. So much for being held to a higher standard. The fact that I'm EXTREMELY disappointed is an understatement.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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You are right, especially when the evidence of corruption is clear.


Yes, so clear!!!

When proven guilty, any type of corruption should require removal without question. I feel this way regardless of the political affiliation involved. Wrong is wrong.

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