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It will be broadcast tomorrow morning at 5 am!

I am up early taking my pain medication at that exact time.

I for one will be tuning in!

Of course it will be replayed repeatedly throughout the day.

I love pomp and circumstance and find royalty fascinating!

I’ll be sipping my tea enthusiastically!

The Leftists have left us!

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4 Answers

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I'll probably watch a bit on and off. I don't even watch the news now.

Life is what you make it.

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+1 vote

Seriously?  No.  I have it on good authority that chuck will become king wether I watch or not.  I will catch the highlights when shown later.  Over and over again. 

But I wish him well.  He has waited a long time for the job to become open.  Does he get the keys to balmoral afterwards or does he already have them?

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I’m assuming he already has them as he is having Balmoral renovated.

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I didn't watch, after Queen Elizabeth died I was free from my oath of allegiance.

I believe in a Democratic Republic of Scotland.

I don't want to to call it that cause countries with that handle are anything but, I prefer an independent democracy 

I think a head of state should be elected, not born into privilege. No one should be above the law 


Oh, I see.. Oath of allegiance to the Queen since you were in the military?


Yes exactly 


Good soldier!


Well getting rid of the Monarchy is a subject for the English to decide. I'm American so I'm hardly unbiased. My guess is that it helps keep Patriotism alive by affirming that England is one of the oldest countries on Earth. The Monarchy also helps with tourism.


So you would have died for Queen Elizabeth? lol


Your first mistake was implying that only the English could decide to get rid of the monarchy.

And yes, when I joined the army and swore allegiance to the queen, is a de facto pledge to die for the  country 

+1 vote

One question I have is if all the scandal that the Royal Family attracts, is it good for them in a certain way? Do they  somehow profit by it? or is it just bad for everybody.

I remember the saying "All publicity, good or bad, is good.."

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