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Do they essentially have to “wipe Palestine” off the map to ever have peace and quiet?

Even when they have a “ceasefire” with Palestine, Palestine violates these temporary agreements and full on attack Israel anyway!

Some of these territorial disagreements go back to biblical times!

I suppose the Palestinians will always hate the people of Israel??

The Leftists have left us!

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It's an ages-old war that only they (or God) can resolve.  Same with the Shia and the Sunni.  To think any country can swoop in and resolve that mess is no more than a pipe dream.

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Well, to be fair what would you do if your people had their most sacred religious site taken away and converted into a Jewish kingdom? You wouldn't like it either. On top of that they are also insulted by having their identity taken away. There is no Palestine anymore even though they call themselves Palestinians. Its now called "The West Bank.  It should also be pointed out that the land was Palestine for thousands of years after the Jews disobeyed God and were driven from Israel, the land of "milk and honey/" in the Bible 

Now the other side. It is also true that the Palestinians supported Hitler during WWII. Israel has also contributed more Nobel Prize winners and made more scientific achievements than any country on Earth besides the US.

It is also true the US recognized Israel not because it loved the Jews (the US didn't) but because after oil was discovered the US needed an ally in the Middle East. So the Allies took it as spoils of victory, as victors always do. There you have it. No side has a completely legitimate argument. Self interest is replete.

Under current conditions the only way to have peace is for the Palestinians to evacuate. It would also help if Americans were told the whole truth about the history of Palestine and Israel. I wasn't told until the Internet was invented. I believed in the book "Exodus" until I was in my mid-forties.

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Actually, they need to negotiate with Palestine.  Of course, first they need acknowledge that there is a Palestine.  The old two state solution often proposed but never accepted by Israel.  

It used to be Palestine.  Before WWII there was a Palestine.  But their side lost and they were given to England as a protectorate.  A bunch of jewish terrorists decided that they would create a Jewish state and annoyed England enough that england finally said ok.  So the jews kicked the Palestinians out of their homes and put them on a couple of reservations.  The gaza strip and the west bank.  The last time that negotiation broke down the issue was reparations.  Sort of pay us for what you took and and call Palestine a state.

But the last time that there was negotiation going on kushner never even met with anyone from Palestine.  He just talked to israel.  Both sides have to negotiate in good faith.  Israel never does that.

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It's easy. Thou shalt not kill. A bit too easy.

Life is what you make it.

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Exactly, Blue! 

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