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I had a thing the weekend where my big toe started to balloon out of control and turn deep purple at an alarming rate. Thankfully I had a tub of cold water ready and my walking stick otherwise I would have been floored. I spoke to 111 about this.

When my GP's surgery called Monday I said I was just worried about this happening again en-route to the surgery today Tuesday. She kept asking me if I wanted to see the doctor today (Monday). I said no, but that's not what I was was asking. She said see you tomorrow then.

Today I raised the same concern with my GP about getting to the hospital on the 25th. She just said you've got to go. Not what I was asking.

I was asking looking for practical advice. I'm guessing they thought I was just trying to get out of having to attend. I have never missed an appointment in relation to my health in my entire life. Too important.

Life is what you make it.

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I definitely understand what you are saying but I am not thick as a brick!

It absolutely amazes me how some people can rise to the ranks of doctors, nurses or PhD’s and you literally have to draw a freaking diagram for them to “get it”!

You quite literally have to spell it out for them like Ann Sullivan spelled out the word “water” for HELEN KELLER!

I have literally spent a half an hour explaining to Dr’s offices or Social Security!

Yet a common bus driver or cabbie can understand straight away?

Go figure?

The Leftists have left us!

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Today I had to tell my doctor what medication I was taking for high blood pressure. Fair question I suppose but I thought she would have known. She is pretty young though so I'll cut her some slack. She's also got the right attitude which I value.


Yeah, our docs carry around a laptop with our records like it is a 9 month pregnancy.. lol.

When they or I call they just search my file..

And voila they know every drug I have taken or haven’t in the last 10 years..

She maybe didn’t have your file open in front of her?


Possibly. I couldn't see her screen but she must have been looking at my list of meds as she asked by name if that was what I was taking for bp and I had to correct her. I accept that it's easier to just look it up. That's what I always did as part of my job. Just a memory aid at the eotd.


Yeah it prevents mixing up meds to prescribe or comment on the “side effects” of a drug you aren’t actually taking. Smart move.


Not a problem. I would rather she asked and it made me look good as some patients would not know.

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You said it, Blue.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry when communicating with others. It's true many only hear what's consistent with what their thinking, and that's how they respond. Therefore, they totally miss what actual has been said. This is definitely annoying, and to mention very unprofessional too. Especially in the medical field when listening is the most important part.  In such cases, it's best to keep on pressing your point  until you are heard. I find myself saying often, "I'm sorry but I  don't think you understood me." Forcing them to apologize and ask you to repeat what you said. I find some will repeat what they think they heard.  Either way, this will givie you another opportunity to speak. And, with fingers crossed hopefully heard.

Much luck to you, Blue!

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Thanks Sandy. That's my first tactic to say "I'm sorry" then continue with what I want to ask or say. But I've had enough at present so I give up easily. I've also been thinking recently it's getting personal. Which it might be sometimes.

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Phone the GP and tell him/her you need patient transport because you can't walk too well due to whatever is going on with your foot. Don't wait for them to come to this conclusion because, as you have proven, they don't catch on very quickly. Tell them what you want. Good luck


Thanks. The hospital transport said I don't qualify following their eligibility test as in their words the service is for the disabled. When I told her Neuropathy is a disability she said yeah but you answered the get into a taxi question as potentially.

They gave me the number of the department that helps with medical costs if you claim benefits. They said you can get a refund. But that can take weeks and is not guaranteed.

I don't have the money to get a taxi anyway and not in the hope I might get it back.

So I'll be getting the bus. The problem is I had to stop every 10 feet when I popped down the docs yesterday.


Red tape and gate keepers. They are the bain of every NHS patients life.

You clearly can't walk. Talk to the social work dept at the hospital.

If I remember they used to refund your taxi fare the same day but I've never used that service 

I know the hospital that treated my cancer had a kiosk for this.


Thanks. I believe you're correct. I'll give them a call.


Might as well pay it myself. Hospital says I need a letter from the gp giving medical reason for taxi. GP reception want to know who to f'n address it to. I must have made about 20 calls to try and get this sorted.


And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason the NHS is on it's knees.

It's the old joke about how many people does it take to change a  light bulb.

A 50 pence light bulb cost £10 in the NHS due to all the paperwork and the departments it has to go through before it's done.



Just asked the switchboard to put me through to the social work department at the hospital. Said they don't have one. Which I find hard to believe.


I, too, find it hard to believe, Blue.  It's possible the person on the phone doesn't know. Sadly, there's a lot of knuckleheads these days making it  impossible to get answers. 

Here in the states, our HOSPITALS employ inpatient social workers to those who need it. That service carries over at home once released. Perhaps the problem is you won't be introduced to this program until you're an inpatient. In addition isurance providers often assist in leading you in the right direction to get the help you need. Not sure about your country, of course. However, it seems to me that those with special needs like you should definitely be helped. 

All this frustration makes everything worse. I'm truly sorry you're going through this, Blue. ♡


Thanks Sandy. There's always hoops to jump through. Didn't think it would be this difficult though. The person on the switchboard might be clueless. A lot of cuts have been made in the public sector though. Having worked for Dudley Social Services I know for a fact there used to be a hospital social work team.

I called my gp's practice today to request a letter stating I have a medical need for a taxi as I need the letter to get a refund as I'm on a low income. They told me they charge 15 pounds for a letter. I don't think they get the concept.


Thinking about it they did me a doctors letter when I was in work stating I need a desk fan as a reasonable adjustment. No charge. I'm guessing the member of staff I spoke to today is on a power trip.


Had another thought. They want me to pay for a letter that's going to another part of the NHS.

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