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The Road to The Triple Crown
Preakness S.
Pimlico / Sat. May 20, 2023

1 3/16 Miles / Open / 3 Year Olds / Grade 1 Stakes / Purse: $1,500,000
Surface: Dirt / Race 13 / Post:7:01 PM Est. / TV - NBC - 4:30 - 7:30

PP/ Horse /  Jockey/ Wgt/ Trainer / ML Odds   
1.National Treasure J. Velazquez 126 Lbs B. Baffert  4-1
2.Chase the Chaos S. Russell 126 Lbs E. Moger, Jr.  50-1
3.Mage J. Castellano 126 Lbs G. Delgado  8/5
4.Coffeewithchris J. Rodriguez 126 Lbs J. Salzman, Jr. 20-1
5.Red Route One J. Rosario 126 Lbs S. Asmussen  10-1
6.Perform F. Lynch 126 Lbs C. McGaughey III  15-1
7.Blazing Sevens I. Ortiz, Jr. 126 Lbs C. Brown  6-1
8.First Mission ( SCRATCHED )

Ultimate PP`s / Saturday / National Treasure / Race 13

*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box
If none of the above apply the Point System will be used

***The Point System***
Points will be Applied to your Top 3 Selections
Points start by number of Horses in the field
Example: A 10 Horse Field
The winning Horse gets 10 Points
The place Horse gets 9 Points
The show Horse gets 8 Points
And so on down 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
The highest number of accumulated points receives Best Answer.

Tie Breaker
Answer #1 / 8-6-3 = 17
Answer #2 / 7-6-4 = 17
Answer #3 / 9-5-3 = 17
Answer #4 / 10-6-1 = 17
BA - #4 - HN - 10  
RU - #3 - HN - 9
HM - #1 - HN - 8


Win ( 1 ) National Treasure - $ 7.80 - $ 4.00 -  $ 2.60
Place ( 7 ) Blazing Sevens - $5.00 - $ 2.80
Show  ( 3 ) Mage -  $ 2.40
Also Ran ( In Order )
Red Route One , Chase the Chaos , Perform and Coffeewithchris
Sca : First Mission

***Best Answer Scores**
No Wins
Three ( 3 ) Get Trifecta Box
lady4u - H6 - Runner Up
Bluegenel -  Honorable Mention
Others go to The Point System
Blue Jay:) - 16
ponygirl - 16
SandyGirl:) - 16
Parents - 13

***Video Replay**
National Treasure Outfights Blazing Sevens in Preakness

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9 Answers

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Best answer

W - 7.Blazing Sevens

P - 1.National Treasure

S - 3.Mage

A - 5. Red Route One

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Congratulations to
Our Preakness Handicapping Champion
and to lady4u as Runner Up
and to Bluegenel with Honorable Mention

Thanks to All that Participated!

RACE ( 28 )
1. ponygirl (66)
2. SandyGirl ( 62 )
2. lady4u ( 62 )
3. Blue Jay ( 46 )
3. Parents ( 46 )
4.grinandbareit ( 21 )
5. Bluegenel ( 7 )
6. Sam ( 3 )


Surprises there will be! Lol.

Congrats to grinandbareit, as champ. Lady4u as Runner Up. And, to Blue with HM. 

Nice going two guys and a gal!

Thank you for giving us your impeccable Hosting skills, Dr. CEO.

: )


Thank you for providing the DRF PREAKNESS CHART, Blue Jay. : )


Youre welcome and thanks SandyGirl!


Big shock!

Big Yay for grinandbareit, as champ. Lady4u as Runner Up. And, to Blue with HM. That's me.

Thanks to B Jay for extra impeccable hosting.

And everyone have fun. That's what it's all about at the end of the day.


Congrats to Grinandbareit with BA, lady4U with RU and Bluegenel with HM!! Too late I realized that Mage needed a hot pace! 

Thanks for hosting Blue Jay! 

A few of us on Facebook are concerned that Irad's tactics may cause a bad spill one of these days.


Congratulations to GAB as Champion! Whoo hoo!

I’ll gladly take RU!

Congratulations to Bluegenel as HM!

Thanks to Blue Jay for hosting!

+3 votes

The Blue Jay Factor
Win ( 3 ) MAGE
Plc ( 5 ) Red Route One
Shw ( 1 ) National Treasure
( 7 ) Blazing Sevens
( 4 ) Coffeewithchris  
( 2 ) Chase the Chaos

"May the Horse be with You"


BA - 10
RU - 6
HM - 4

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+3 votes

Win: (7) Blazing Sevens 

Place : (3) Mage

Show: (1) National Treasure 


(5) Red Route One

(4) Coffeewithchris

(2) Chase the Chaos

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,068,990 points)
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Blazing Sevens:)


Arthritic fingers.. thx!  :)


Chase the Chaos:)


:) thx!

+3 votes

W  3 Mage

P  8 First Mission

S  5 Red Route One

Alt 1 National Treasure

by (181,430 points)

First Mission is Scratched:)


Thanks Blue Jay! I will edit!


Tried to edit but ended up copying so will stay with it! 


It's OK if you have the same picks, ponygirl. It happens!

I'm feeling pretty good about Mage today. Mage is the only Kentucky Derby participant that will be competing today in the Preakness. 

Unusual to see only 7 contenders in the Preakness. Down to almost half the contenders compared to previous years.

Enjoy today's card.  : )


Thanks SandyGirl! 


Although this is not official, I think this is the weakest Preakness field ever to run against a Kentucky Derby Champion.


I tend to agree, Blue Jay!

Also, note that Pimlico is definitely a speed favoring track..thinking National Treasure will set the pace for Mage. We shall see.

+3 votes

WIN 3 Mage 

Place 1 National Treasure 

Show 5 Red Route One 


7 Blazing Sevens

4 Coffeewithchris

6 Perform 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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+3 votes


WIN 3 Mage 

Place 4 Coffeewithchris 

Show 1 National Treasure 


5 Red Route One 

2 Chase the Chaos 

7 Blazing Sevens

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)
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+3 votes

Win ( 3 ) Mage

Plc ( 7 ) Blazing Sevens

Shw ( 1 ) National Treasure


( 5 ) Red Route One

Life is what you make it.

by (4,064,001 points)
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+2 votes


FIRST MISSION scratched from Preakness! 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)

Oh crap. Thanks.


A left hind issue will prevent Lexington Stakes (G3) winner first Mission from running in the Preakness Stakes (G1) May 20 at Pimlico.

Godolphin will scratch First Mission from this year's Preakness after consulting with the 1/ST veterinary team. He will receive further evaluation in Kentucky at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital with veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage.

1/ST operates Maryland Jockey Club tracks Laurel and Pimlico.

According to a Godolphin release, trainer Brad Cox worked with the 1/ST veterinary team the past couple of days to try and fully identify a left hind issue but was unable to do so on the grounds at Pimlico.

"We are obviously very disappointed, but the welfare of the horse is our utmost concern, and we are going to take the necessary steps to determine the best course of action to get him back on the track," said Godolphin director of bloodstock Michael Banahan.

Thank you for posting this great information, Blue Jay! : )




Thx Sandy:)


You're welcome, Blue Jay! : )


Kentucky Derby Winner Mage hit his head in his stall May 18 days before the Preakness Stakes  May 20 at Pimlico Race Course

His condition was confirmed by assistant trainer Gustavo Delgado Jr., and co-owners Brian Doxtator of CMNWLTH and Ramiro Restrepo. Doxtator said via text that it "wasn't much, couple inches above his eye."

Restrepo tweeted, "(Mage) received care & treatment by the State Vet and resumed training per usual with no interruptions. As per ALL Preakness starters, he was reviewed by the State Vets today and is ready to race."

Mage is the 8-5 morning line favorite in Saturday's second jewel of the Triple Crown.

+1 vote


The Preakness day card took a tragic turn during the Chick Lang Stakes today / Saturday when Havnameltdown, trained by Bob Baffert , broke down and was euthanized on the track. Jockey Luis Saez was hurled to the ground and taken to a nearby Sinai hospital. Havnameltdown was rounding the far turn when he appeared to take a bad step, throwing Saez to the ground. He suffered a broken left front fetlock injury that was non-operable, according to Dr. Dionne Benson, chief veterinary officer for 1/ST Racing, which runs Pimlico Race Course. In a gruesome scene, Havnameltdown kept running with his lower leg clearly damaged. An outrider corralled him midway in the stretch.Benson and other veterinarians quickly made the decision to euthanize the horse on the track. A screen was placed around the horse to keep the public from seeing the final moments.

Saez, who was sitting up at one point, was put on a stretcher and taken away by ambulance. He was conscious, stable and complaining of leg pain. : (

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Sad story Sandy:). You scooped me on this one.


Yes! This tragic incident was addressed again after Baffert's National Treasure win today. Did you catch that, Blue Jay?


They were talking about it when i turned on my TV about 4:45. I was going to post after the race.

Thx for saving me extra work SandyGirl:)


You're welcome, Blue Jay! :)


I am so sorry to hear of this horse’s irreparable injury and his euthanasia… Oh dear, I am glad I wasn’t watching that race. These types of things upset me terribly for the horse obviously but also for the jockey. I will say a prayer for him and his quick recovery!


Keep us posted on Luis Saez’s recovery!


Same, lady4u. I never get use to such tradgities.

Update on Luis Saez:

Luis was originally complaining of leg pain but his agent Kiaran McLaughlin told the Daily Racing Form that his x-rays came back clean and that he wanted to ride on Sunday. 


Awesome! Thanks for the update !


You're welcome!

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