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In memoriam, 1997-2023

Infirmities due to old age led to his death. 

Here's to the sweet, amazing and talented Fusaichi Pegasus, and all connections. 


Let your life be driven with purpose!

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In early 2000, Fusaichi Pegasus won the Grade 2 San Felipe and Wood Memorial Stakes.Fusaichi Pegasus won the Kentucky Derby in a time of 2:01.12 for the 114 mile distance. In 2000, it was the seventh fastest time in Kentucky Derby history; at the time of his death, it was the tenth fastest time. He was the first favorite to win the Kentucky Derby since Spectacular Bid in 1979 and the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby without winning a race as a two-year-old since Proud Clarion in 1967. He then lost to Red Bullet in the Preakness. After his loss in the Preakness Stakes, he did not race in the third leg of the Triple Crown the Belmont Stakes



 It was an ordinary day at the Rainbow Bridge, sunny and warm, and all the creatures were playing or resting while waiting for their people who had loved them on Earth.

    Suddenly the tranquility was broken by a sound like thunder, which most  residents could just barely remember. The sound got louder and louder, a  powerful, rhythmic pounding until a crowd formed to see what it could possibly be.

    Finally, within a cloud of dust appeared a magnificent stallion, snorting and galloping across the Rainbow Bridge into eternity. The animals knew that Fusaichi Pegasus had arrived, and waits for all his people who loved him so much.

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Outstanding answer, Blue Jay! Thank you! : )

Thank you too, Blue and ponygirl!



You are welcome Sandy and thanks for posting this!

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My sincere condolences.

Life is what you make it.

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RIP F.P.!! 

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