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I've heard of swollen feet, which I get.

But anyone know about deflating toes?

I'm assuming it's the circulation problem I've got.

Waiting for a call back from someone who knows what they're doing.

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3 Answers

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If you mean the swelling seems les? Then there is a possible reason.

1. If the medication prescribed to you was a diuretic (water pill)

2. You are observing this shortly after waking up?

Diuretics often cause you to void your bladder frequently, ridding your body of excess fluid. Since swelling is usually the most prominent in toes and feet, you would most likely observe it there first.

Your feet are seldom as prone to swelling in the morning as you haven’t stood and or walked on them all day.

Since your feet had become very swollen it may have taken awhile for the swelling to go down even with medication?

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No. I'm talking deflated balloon.


Well, Rumpledforeskin, You’re a bit crabby today!lol!


My profoose apologies.


Not necessary. Blue!  

I am a chronic pain sufferer and know your feet can bother you swollen or not.

Just wanted to tease you a bit to perhaps make you laugh a little! lol!  ; - ))

Not much to laugh about when your body seems to be attacking you without rhyme or reason!


Good to still have you here Lady. You have a great day.

I was a bit alarmed at how much the big toe deflated but it's back to normal now.

Perhaps you know why it seems to be triggered by me doing a set of fast moving exercises. No weights or machines.

Common causes of this symptom
Dehydration can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include heat, excessive activity, insufficient fluid consumption, excessive sweating, or medication side effects.
Perhaps, you exercised a lot without replacing your need for an appropriate amount of water?

Thanks Lady. I am conscious about drinking water. I have to virtually force it down though. Orange Squash makes it easier to get fluid down but that's an expense I can not afforf.

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The out of hours GP said there's no such thing as a deflating toe. Just doesn't happen.

Can't happen again then. Result!

Life is what you make it.

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This happens to my mother too. We call it dehydration, or like you said, Blue, the appearance is like a deflated balloon. Since your skin was stretched out from the swelling, naturally when the swelling went down the stretched skin was compromised. Unfortunately, due to conflicting conditions this battle never ends with mom. 

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Thanks Sandy. I won't let it get that far again anyway. Bit of a shocker.

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