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Why women would want to ban abortion, which gives them the right to abort a pregnancy that might ruin their futures is beyond me. Why would a woman do that to herself? Is it something in the female psyche that says she should have fewer rights than a man or that she should bear more of the responsibility for pregnancy? Is it a submission thing, or something else?

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For many people, both men AND women, an abortion is seen as murder, regardless of how long the egg has been fertilized.  For them, there is no "fetus" or "embryo" or "zygote."  There is only a baby, which for them is always considered a human being.  An abortion destroys that fertilized egg.  The Roman Catholic Church believes that life begins at conception.   That means any and all abortions constitute murder.

Even if they are not religious, those who hold the belief described above, that constitutes murder. If that is their belief, they also believe that abortion is morally wrong because abortion = murder.  

If that is your view, you can hardly be expected to say that abortions are a legitimate choice for women to make. 

The majority of Americans don't believe that the developing fetus can be called "a human life" until the fetus grows to the point where the baby can survive outside of the mother's womb.  Further, they believe that the life of the mother supersedes the life of the baby.  In other words, if the mother's life and health is endangered by the pregnancy, then the mother has the right to terminate the pregnancy.  

Most Americans believe that the trauma a woman (or a girl) goes through due to a rape or incest is so significant that she will suffer irreparably if the pregnancy is allowed to continue.  Therefore, an abortion is an accepted medical procedure to preserve the mental health of the pregnant female.  Further, if a woman's life or health is  threatened by the pregnancy, then an abortion is an acceptable choice.  There are several medical conditions that con occur during a pregnancy which mean two things:  (1) the baby likely cannot survive/cannot be carried to term without dying in the woman's womb and (2) the mother's life is likely to be forfeited if the pregnancy is allowed to be continued.  For example, a tubal pregnancy (or ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus exists outside of the uterus, such as in the fallopian tubes) will never end in the birth of a live baby, and if it is not dealt with, the mother will most likely die.  The medical treatment to resolve this condition is... ready? ... an abortion procedure.  [EDIT: As Lady has pointed out, it is not actually an abortion procedure.  However, it is a medical treatment that ends a pregnancy, and legislatures and hospital administrators get nervous whenever they are dealing with ANY kind of pregnancy (and this is defined as a pregnancy since it has a fertilized egg growing inside the mother.)  The bottom line here is that there are unnecessary delays in many cases, as my comment below illustrates.]

In places where all abortions are illegal, doctors are afraid to save a woman's life because they run the risk of being arrested for breaking the law.. for murdering a child--even though no child would ever result from the "pregnancy."

Who will pay for the prenatal care if a woman is legally obligated to carry a pregnancy to completion?  Who will pay for the additional food necessary to feed another mouth in the family?  Who will pay for the child's health care as he/she grows up?  Will additional funds be set aside for these children if there are genetic conditions or medical and/or psychological complications?  Who will provide the funds for the necessary education?  Will the politicians who are mandating women to carry pregnancies to term also providing the funds to care for the children after they are born?  If you live in Texas, for example, you cannot have an abortion after a fetal heartbeat has been detected (about six weeks after conception.) Yet Texas is dead last: it has more uninsured children than any other state in the Union (almost a million uninsured children.)

Children who are the result of an unwanted pregnancy face myriad issues as well.  Not all adoptive parents are good ones. Foster homes are not always good placements for the children.  Parents who will not or cannot care for the children they have ... well, that's another whole issue, isn't it?  

So... it's a very complicated issue, and not the simple "choice" that either of the two sides might make it out to be.  

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Thank you for your very complete analysis.


I second that notion! 

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Here is my input, since I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy at 19!

And before anyone clutches their pearls, yes I was married at the time of conception!

Question - Does an ectopic pregnancy require an abortion?

Answer from Dr. Francis

Simply put, no. The treatment for ectopic pregnancy is not at all the same as the procedures used for an abortion. Ectopic pregnancies (most commonly located in the fallopian tube) are typically treated through surgery that either removes the tube or opens the tube and removes the embryo or through a medication that ends the embryo’s growth of the embryo and placenta. In the vast majority of cases, when an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed, the human embryo is no longer alive.

When women knew better they did better!

Many years ago women were not as educated about the development of fetus, believing it was merely a clump of cells! Television actually showed the development of the zygote thru fetal development via animation! Doctors handed out pamphlets to pregnant patients to educate them on their baby’s development.

Women more fully understood that poor nutrition,smoking, drinking, taking drugs could have an immediate effect on the unborn!

The Leftists have left us!

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Thanks for your input.

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Politics has always changed the mood, or so it seems. Religion too. Both definitely can complicate things like this. 

In my opinion, whether to have an abortion or not is an extremely personal one for a woman to make. It's, also, a feeling that doesn't enter into ones mind until faced with a dilemma of sorts. The idea of having a baby is a happy feeling, a blessing for most. Me included  However, the reality is there's others who do face something quite different and devastating. Either way the answer for each individual is personal, and can be extremely complicated too.  

Everyone is different in their beliefs too. Raised under a different set of circumstances. Some are raised by parents who did NOT provide good direction, or lead by example. Therefore, making them ignorant to life's choices  Bottom line people feel different because of their life experiences, and/or current situation even as an adult. Ultimately, we are individualized no matter what.

Fortunately, I personally fall into the good direction, educated, and lead by example type. All that taught me to think before acting, be responsible, and to take responsibility.

Since people are different, I believe in aiding a comprehensive plan that helps (educate) others. In this particular sense it would include the practice of prevention, access to different types of contraception, or other acceptable methods based on religious beliefs. Provide education in family planning, and adoption laws. Including help for those faced with 'rape' or other 'medical' complications. Also, to provide information on economic incentives that assist low-income mothers, etc.. 

It's not a one size fits all world so we need to stop treating it that way. With the guidance of our faith, the willingness to educate, and not to judge others, we'll all be better off.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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No, its not a one size fits all, world. Thanks.


You're welcome!


ast Wednesday, a patient walked into Julie Rhee’s fertility clinic in St. Louis with pelvic pain that was getting steadily worse. She had a history of ectopic pregnancies and, following months of IVF treatment, was showing all the signs of another one. A recently implanted embryo was growing inside the fragile walls of her fallopian tube, threatening to burst them open and cause internal bleeding at any moment. She needed surgery, and fast. For the first time, though, Rhee discovered her clinical judgment wasn’t enough. She would have to present her case to a hospital ethics committee.

In the days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Missouri was one of several states that rushed to pass legislation that bans physicians from terminating a pregnancy unless the mother’s life is in immediate danger. Physicians like Rhee risk losing their medical license and more than a decade of prison time if they violate these laws, so doctors and hospitals are taking no chances.  (From STAT News, a medical media publication)  Yes, the ectopic pregnancies are not treated with an "abortion" per se, but as you can see from this article, the need for immediate action was delayed by bureaucratic nonsense arising from the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade.)

Link to full article: 



Thanks, Media.


::thumbs up emoji but I don't know how to put in in here::


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Abortion used as birth control is murder!!  I am pro-life. The only reason to have an abortion is to protect the mothers life or in case of rape! 

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Haven't read the other responses. Sorry. However, with this debate I reach the conclusion a decision should be made on a case by case basis.

Life is what you make it.

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