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9 Answers

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Absolutely not!

I had a darker complexion of my fair headed/light skinned classmates.

Some of the girls in the “in crowd” started vicious rumors regarding my ethnicity. 1967-1971 was definitely not an inclusive time to be in high school!

The first high school I attended was primarily made up of

Germanic, and Celtic appearing students. I had a prominent Irish last name, but no matter, the jealous popular girls “tagged” me with the most despicable ethnic moniker anyway!

I switched schools my senior year and moved to a school that was a literal melting pot of students since it was near a large military air base.

I was quickly accepted by the “United Nations” lunch table! lol! But it definitely wasn’t by any means considered “cool!”

We had a blast and even included kids who had physical scars! No snobs allowed!

The Leftists have left us!

by (1,068,480 points)

I'm glad you changed schools, wow! 


I changed for a different reason.

However it was much more tolerable.

I mean in a multi-cultural school, it’s hard to focus on one student with so many exotic foreign looking students attending!

The second high school was about 4x the size of the previous high school.

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I was an athlete in high school, and I'm still an athlete.  I don't know if this constitute as a "cool" kid, but on a positive note I was liked by most. Of course, there were some naysayers. I enjoyed school, and had a lot of fun with my classmates. I was a class officer, voted in as the Treasurer.  I used be in charge of fundraising, collecting and depositing money earned, maintain records of income and expenses, etc.. Along with organizing our class prom and all reunions to this day. We have a class reunion every 5 years. In fact, we have a class reunion coming up July 21st.  Once a year we have a class gathering at a local bar restaurant for those who want to meet up. Many attend. I would have to say my High School years were some of the best years of my life.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

by (574,610 points)

Whether the others in your school realized it or not at the time, you were... and still are... cool!  Without a doubt.  I don't think there is a single person here who would disagree with that.


Thank you, Media. I feel the same about you! : )


Definately one of the "cool" kids.  Us undesirables always recognize the cool ones.  Congratulations.


You're great, welloone! I always appreciate your answers and input. Thank you!


Lol.  Is that condescending?  Thanks anyway.


Lol! Not at all condescending! I was triggered to show my appreciation in you. That's all. I sincerely apologize if I came across any other way.


Sandy. I like people's style including yours. It's another good word. So cool.


Probably just me, cautious of cool people saying anything nice about me.  Thanks for the compliment.


You're welcome!

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I got arrested for shoplifting if that's what you mean.

Life is what you make it.

by (4,063,911 points)

Pretty much, he he!

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I was an athlete (cross country, basketball, track) and even had a school record in track.  I was in something like 21 different activities over the course of my four years, so I was highly involved.  I got high grades and was in the top five in my class.

On the other hand, I was bullied by a number of kids who took exception to my being a "brain," and there were those who took exception to my religious beliefs.  They knew I would not fight back but would instead "turn the other cheek."  A bully who knows his victim won't fight back is unafraid to bully.  There was one particular student who, every time we passed one another in the hallway, would punch me in the stomach as he went by.  I would tighten my stomach muscles and continue on my way after the punch was delivered.  This continued until part way through senior year, when I finally felt free to punch back.  I still remember telling the kid, "_____, this is the last time you get to punch me for free.  Don't ever do it again. I mean it.  You'll regret it if you do."  Then I walked past him as he jeered at me, "Ooooooh!  I'm so scared!"  The next day, I was headed up the steps, ready to make a left turn at the landing, and continue up to the top of the stairs.  _____ was coming down the steps, and I saw him and got ready.  As he and I passed on the landing, I saw him prepare the punch.  I dropped my books, grabbed him by the wrist as he punched at my stomach, and then pulled him off balance and just let him fall down the eight steps to the bottom.  I picked up my books and went up the steps without saying a word.  He never punched me again.  

There WERE "cool kids" in our school, and they were the ones who hung out with the cheerleaders, went to parties on the weekends, and looked at school as an interruption to their good time.  I wasn't in that crowd and never wanted to be. To be honest, though, I did have moments of loneliness because I didn't really think I had any close friends except for my next door neighbor and my girlfriend.  

I was as surprised as I could be when the results were released of the finalists for Prom king; there were 10 boys and ten girls who were to be voted on, and I was among those ten boys.  I didn't make the cut into the final four (the Court), but I was certainly amazed that I had been in the top ten.  I think my girlfriend and her friends must have stuffed the ballot box.

by (962,040 points)

Another great story, Media! 

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No.  Not cool.

To be cool at my high school you had to be a jock.  An athlete.  The more sports that you did, the cooler you were.  Me, I was a chubby nerd.  Smart kids were the opposite of cool.  Lowlifes that were to be ridiculed, tortured, bullied, and abused.  Even by the faculity.  They didn't bully anyone, but they tolerated it, perhaps encouraged it.  I went so far as to dumb down so I could be left alone.  

The only bright spot was that us nerd types formed an electronics club which elected me president.  We had a once monthly nerd meeting and enjoyed ourselves.

We got the last laff of course.  The members of that club could mostly buy and sell the cool kids after a few years in the actual world where intellect mattered more than hand to eye coordination or ability to push people around.

by (1,571,280 points)
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Nope. I didn't have a consistent friend group and kind of floated between groups. I was in the top 10% of my class academically but didn't really hang out with the 'smart kids', and I was involved in a number of activities color guard, show choir, Future Business Leaders of America and chorus but didn't hang out with most of the others in those activities outside of school. It wasn't uncommon for me to be at school from 7 in the morning to as late as 10 or 11 at night and on rare occasions 1 am the following day depending on when concerts, football games or competitions ended. 

by (699,110 points)
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Absolutely not. I was a band geek to the fullest. I tried to sit at the cool kid's table but when I realized I wasn't like them, I did my own thing. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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I was one of the Cool Kids from K-6. However after that we moved to JR High school and it was a bigger school with more kids.  My cache' wore off. lol

by (45,300 points)
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Yes, must admit I was.  I managed to fit in as a jock, brainiac, and stoner party boy all at once.   

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