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9 Answers

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I personally feel the cutesy or pet names should be used in an entirely private setting.

Once coworkers learn your romantic interest’s pet name is “cupcake” for example that person may be open to teasing or ridicule.

Also work environments should remain professional in my opinion. A romantic nickname might hinder your ability to be promoted for example.

I can’t imagine knowing that my prospective boss is nicknamed “love bug” for example.

The Leftists have left us!

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The thing about dating someone at work is if it goes pear-shaped you've got no-where to go other than find another job. Because the ex can make your life a misery. Same goes for pet names. At the end of the day though it's just a risk. If you're a big risk taker go for it, but don't complain when it ends in disaster.

Life is what you make it.

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Actually, the percentage of couples that meet at the work place is close to half. While I've witness the positive, I've witness the down side too. My advice to you, based on your question, (and as a business owner) would be NO pet names, best to keep it professional. After all business is business. Using your happiness in a responsible way can be quite productive. However, there's plenty of time out of work to enjoy your reward system. 

Good luck to you!  

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I've worked with several couples that never had a problem working at the same employer but I agree keep it professional. In all areas of work. Which is one problem I had after being made redundant and finding another job. The lack of professionalism. I pride myself in doing the best job I can.

+3 votes

Mostly I think no.  People have actual names.  At work you should use them, even if you are screwing them in private 

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+2 votes

Pet names are not appropriate in the workplace, in my opinion.  Keep them for each other.  No one at work wants to hear you say, "Are you ready to take a lunch break, SugarLips?"

by (962,040 points)

Sugarlips is more than a pet name. Its an activity. I thinking more along the line of Sweetie or Honey, or Cutie. lol

+1 vote

I think its okay. It helps relieve the tension. However you may be in a situation where someone is uptight about sex or recently been through a divorce or a breakup. Tthey are hypersensitive about sex. Then you are in trouble.

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In the workplace, I would say no. After a while, it can get quite irritating to your co-workers, and you certainly don't want that. It's kind of like Facebook couples, that sort of thing can be overdone. 

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I would say avoid at all costs. Mixing personal with professional can be a catastrophe if/when the relationship goes south. Also, your significant other nay not be pleased if that nickname for the coworker has romantic/sexual energy or connotation. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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No.  Not at work.

by (988,090 points)
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