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Interesting! I think losing someone to this disease can stimulate ones need for a cure. Interested to see if this idea will trigger people to come forward for the trial(s). And, what risks could be involved.     

Dementia is caused by different diseases so many bases need to be covered for a single cure.

My late husband was willing to participate in a cancer (immunotherapy)
drug trial because he wanted to live, with the possibility of helping others in the future. Though he was brave/willing the trial treatment, unfortunately, didn't work. His cancer was too advanced, and he was riddled with side effects from the trial drugs. He took the chance because he had nothing to lose knowing in advance there was no cure. He had everything to gain by possibly prolonging his life a little longer. As said, sadly, it didn't work. I/we lost an amazing man. He was a fighter until the very end. ♡

Brave people who have early dementia is what is needed to come forward. To participate in this type of study definitely should be a family decision. 

In closing, I will definitely be following this. I'm, also, interested to see if there will be a stock option attached to help. Thanks for posting.

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Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I think if anyone can find a cure for these things it can only be a good thing. But make the treatment accessible to as many people as possible.

Life is what you make it.

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I edited my my answer to correct a few errors, misspellings for better reading. Trying to do two things at once has never worked for me, but I still try. Lol!


Yes. I normally read my response as a whole when I'm ready to submit but I do need to go back to edit sometimes. I don't really want mistakes etc.

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Well, so far it is a hypothetical theory.

Alzheimer’s involves an overproduction of amyloid clogging up the neural synapses. Perhaps they believe they can directly bypass this essential connection?

I actually am somewhat bionic myself! lol!

I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator. It is about 65% effective in eliminating severe pain. I have a small remote control that I can increase/decrease the electrical stimuli that intercepts the pain signals from my severed spinal nerves. I can somewhat change the location of the signals from mid back to tail bone area. I could even turn it off completely. I like having complete control of anything artificially inserted in my body! I am not ready to go full Automatron! lol.

The implant is inserted in a “fat pocket” on my upper left hip. Since I have lost 60 lbs the implant is easily detectable.

I wear a belt for an hour with a charged battery pack that recharges the implant about once every week. It allows me total mobility while it charges, vs being “plugged into” a wall receptacle!

The remote is charged every 2 weeks by electric receptacle but I don’t have to be nearby.

Yes, it is amazing how many of our “parts” are not our own!

I have a titanium rod, a titanium cage and pedicle screws holding it all together in my spine!

I have titanium parts and screws in both ankles where I broke both several years ago!

The titanium parts, I’ve been told will last longer than I do! However they seem to draw the cold temperatures in the winter? Or it may be my imagination?

The Leftists have left us!

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I believe in April or May Elon Musk was FDA Approved for this brain-chip start up, which is the first step towards human testing. So, hopefully a positive comes out of it going forward.

Also, an employee friend a of mine has the same type of spinal cord stimulator as you, lady4u.. It took several years before she could come back to work for me. She is doing quite well, I must say. That device is a God send for her. I wish you the same.


Yes, I had a failed spinal fusion.

The  Spondolisthesis had advanced and severed a nerve root in my lower back.

The spinal surgeon was surprised I was still able to walk. However more nerves were damaged during the intricate surgery.

I have had the fusion snd implant for 13 years. So, my condition is unfortunately progressive and I am losing ability yearly.

The future hope for paralyzed people is great. And many are already being helped with exoskeletons.


The Bionic Lady. Thanks!!!!

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Between it being reported by Fox and it being Elon Musk, I don't put much stock in it.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Until then, it's just hype from known liars.

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Grin! I check several other sources before I posted my thoughts. Those sources have the same story on this. Which includes Elon Musk getting FDA approval. So we shall see.

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